Public Surplus Review


Public Surplus is the premier online auction for public agencies selling their surplus property. The website automates several processes and charges a credit card fee for "address verification." You can use it with as many users as your agency needs. It documents every click and provides 24/7/365 access. Public Surplus is secure and adheres to federal and state regulations. It offers a 7-year audit trail and bidder pre-qualification.

Public Surplus is the premier online auction service for public agencies selling surplus property

With over four million hits daily, Public Surplus is the best choice for government agencies. Their comprehensive database of buyers covers regional, national, and international markets. As a result, they automatically market your items to these targeted buyers. Additionally, their Automatic Auction Extension (AAE) feature guarantees every bid is placed, and no revenue is left on the table. The result is a higher net revenue for your public agency.

The ease of use is another advantage, with Public Surplus you can automate many of the steps involved in the auction process. You can create multiple auctions at once, and offer property to other agencies and departments within your organization with ease. The bill of sale and payment collection processes are automatic, and "winning bid notification" emails are automatically sent to winning bidders. Public Surplus also offers payment collection services.

It automates many processes

For agencies, Public is a great solution. It streamlines many processes in government agencies, including preparing bids, auctions, and sales. Users can access information online and can choose a user name and password. The site can be used by unlimited number of people with limited access to information. Administrators can set permission levels to limit access for users. Detailed reports can be generated based on requirements and can be downloaded and printed. This means responding to audits will take no time at all.

With an extensive database and user-friendly interface, Public Surplus can streamline your auction process. Automated notifications, reporting, and a seven-year audit trail are just some of the advantages of this online auction service. Public Surplus helps agencies streamline their auctions and comply with federal regulations. It also offers features like internal reallocation and bidder pre-qualification. Every click is documented, and you can access the site 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

It charges a credit card fee for "address verification"

Although Publicsurplus charges a small credit card fee for "address verification," the website is worth using for government surplus auctions. These auctions feature a variety of heavy equipment, cars, buses, airplanes, and other vehicles at huge discounts. The downside is that address verification requires a credit card, which can be tricky if you're not a U.S. citizen.

It allows unlimited number of agency users

Public Surplus offers an agency management solution that supports an unlimited number of users. This tool allows agencies to monitor the performance of their employees and identify inefficiency. Public Surplus is a secure website and provides a password-protected area for agency users. Users are responsible for keeping their passwords confidential and for any charges that may result from unauthorized use of their account. Public Surplus encourages its users not to disclose any confidential information, and is committed to protecting their privacy.

It is free

To register at Public Surplus, you will select a username and password. If you choose to use an automatic bid feature, Public Surplus will start bidding at the current level and will increase your bid if another bidder outbids you. If you don't want to constantly monitor the auction, you can set the system to send an automatic email if you win the auction. After that, all you have to do is choose your maximum bid amount and sit back.

Using Public Surplus is entirely free, but it's important to read the terms and conditions carefully. The website doesn't provide warranties or guarantee that a given asset will meet your needs. It's also not responsible for the content, accuracy, or reliability of the content or advertising on external websites. It also does not endorse any LISTED assets. Moreover, it cannot guarantee that any transaction will be successful. Regardless of its quality, Public Surplus disclaims all liability for any MISREPRESENTATION, and you should always exercise caution when using its services.