When you think of businesses that have been well named, you cannot go far without mentioning the name They are the king of prices, supplying a wide range of goods at the most affordable prices accessible to all.

With the minimum order placed at $200 dollars, any business size can afford to order goods from and have them delivered to them if they are within a 50 mile radius. Read on through this review to find out more on them.

Products variety

Priceking is the home of multiple goods and you can access small goods such as tooth brushes to automotives. The product range gives businesses an opportunity to simply check into one website and do all their shopping in one place.

They have it all from camera equipment, female hygiene products, candles, automotive related products and many others which have all been listed on their website. A person can simply log in from anywhere and do their shopping in one place.


As mentioned earlier, has set a minimum price for which an order can be made. They have made it mandatory to only supply their products to business entities and not individuals therefore the minimum pricing of $200 makes it very low and affordable for any business entity to place an order from the site.

It therefore makes great business sense to order goods from price king as you are able to maximize on your profit margins when you order goods at a lower price. It should be mentioned here that the low price is no indication of the quality of the goods on offer. offer quality goods and at a good price.


With a major presence online, Priceking can be virtually accessible from anywhere at any time. Through their website, all information has been made available and accessible to shoppers. What stands out is the simplicity with which the information is made available as once you land on the page, you are given the various product options for you to choose from. They have also gone further to provide their contact information for people that may want to make enquiries through phone call with their number (718)-786-600 or (201)870 6502. Further, fax contact details have also been provided through the number (718) 729-2204.

Accessibility is important for any business and is a well stocked online store giving shoppers the luxury of ordering goods without the hustle of traveling. On the website you have all information made available and support is just a click away.

Shipment and Payment methods

For orders within a 50 mile radius, free shipment is offered by However, for orders in other parts of the country, common couriers are used. With the multiple courier options that are available, shoppers have the opportunity to choose from a competing price range. Shoppers can also make payments online through the various payment options like credit card or bank transfer among others. stands out as a testament of name personified in service, they have cut distance and brought supply to your door step. With the various products they have in store and the very low prices, business entities can make orders for their goods without the pressure of having to travel. With all information and contact details made available, customers have the luxury of making a choice from many competing goods and prices in one click.

Price King is located at:

30-01 Review Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101