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Popular Flea Markets 


Hardy Huntley sold curbside purchases and refurbishments when he was single in the 1960s and is now one of Florida's most popular flea markets. In the 1960s, Hardy Huntley sold his purchases and refurbishments on the street when he was single and is now one of Florida's most popular flea markets. Founded half a century ago by a couple on a street in Pinellas, the Wagon Wheel flea market has grown into a 125-acre flea market visited by over 2,000 vendors and tourists every weekend.

Entertainment, live music, auctions, food, and bingo are all part of this market that sells every kind of merchandise imaginable. This market has a lot of shopping fun with entertainment, bargain shopping, unusual items, and great treasures. The market has an excellent range of goods, from antiques to manufacturing, from art to new goods. The market also offers a large selection of food and drinks, as well as local fruits and vegetables available for purchase.

Without a doubt, the Lincoln Road open air antiques and collectibles market is an event not to be missed. The Lincoln Road Antiques and Collectibles Market is considered one of the finest antiques markets in the United States. The Lincoln Road Flea Market, a pickers' paradise, has approximately 125 stores.

Lincoln Road's antiques and collectibles market is the number one spot for those looking for shops to buy antiques. The market also hosts special events, which are unusually large antique exhibitions. Open market, antiques, collectibles, crafts, many new and used goods, products.

Florida's large commercial market with a wide range of retailers selling all manner of new goods, used goods, collectibles, crafts, products. Open market with antiques, collectibles, new and second-hand goods, coins, handicrafts, groceries and many common flea market items. There is also a large selection of various collectibles, both vintage and modern clothing, many interesting curiosities, and even a farmers' market. One thing that sets Waldo Flea Market apart is the presence of a separate ancient village dedicated to those rare items that antique seekers are looking for.

The market is open from 7:00 to 19:00. Friday to Sunday, all year round. Set on 27 acres, Redland Market Village has hundreds of stalls offering shopping services Thursday through Sunday.

Next to the flea market, there is a farmers' market that offers pastries, convenience foods, fruits and vegetables. Redland Market Village also has a green / farmers market where you can shop directly from the growers themselves, especially in winter as Redland is the heart of Miami's agricultural district. I found that you can park in any of the venues and walk easily to visit all the markets.

Located on 35 acres of 80 acre complex of 3 different outdoor markets. Each market has its own taste and characteristics, one of which is the best place for antiques and the other for arts and crafts.

If you're just looking for fresh market produce, jumping houses, and food trucks to keep you entertained, this list of the best flea markets in South Florida won't disappoint you. With over 500 vendors, the B&A Flea Market is a great place to find unique finds. From antiques to new items, here you will find every item available in Florida and every other flea.

This flea market is amazing, and this charming town in central Florida is perfect for a weekend getaway. With more than 1,000 booths and a vibrant atmosphere, the most popular flea market is one of the busiest places in Tampa, Florida, attracting huge crowds every weekend. This is one of the most complete markets in the area, with a good mix of old and new. Commercial sellers point out that this is one of the best weekday markets in Florida.

At the height of the winter season, when all the snowbirds flock to Florida for the winter, flea and farmer markets are so crowded that it takes a long time to find a parking space. While there are many different flea markets, Westside Market is the largest in the entire state.

The attraction of this place lies not only in its shops, but also in the monthly entertainment event called the Car Show, where car enthusiasts can team up and win flea money. The market hosts many special promotions and is one of Florida's most popular attractions. The market also offers restaurants and entertainment facilities, including lodges for children.

With 45-75% off retail prices, you'll find everything from jewelry to pets, health products, apparel and more at 192 Flea Market. Webster Westside Flea Market also offers a variety of fresh produce, baked goods, pet supplies. flowers and two restaurants so shoppers can stay energized throughout the day. New products, fashion products from Florida, sportswear, electronics, household products, fishing and boating products.

Texas Antique Weekend - Fayetteville to Carmine, Texas (twice a year,> 2,000 vendors). Founded in 1969, Nashville Flea attracts about 1,000 retailers a month and includes suppliers from 30 different states. First opened in the early 1990s, Tropicana Flea Market has established itself as one of Miami's largest flea markets and offers shoppers over 200 kiosks and over 600 local jobs. The Waldo Flea and Farmer's Market has worked hard to build a reputation for not only being a great place to shop, but also a place where serious collectors can look for their favorite antiques and unique items.

With over 40,000 visitors every week and 900 vendors selling their produce on 50 acres of land, Waldo Farmers and Flea feels more like a small town than a simple market. One for food enthusiasts, Miami's Redland Market Village has hosted over twenty food trucks serving food from around the world and hundreds of flea market stalls spanning 27 acres of land. Has been working since 1987. Renningers is located on over 20 acres of land, with over two miles of covered market stores and over 800 stands.

From street stalls to specialty shops and a huge selection of places to eat and drink, Renningers is Florida's must-see flea. Whether you're looking to shop for a souvenir from the Sunshine State, in need of some day-to-day household items, or just want to immerse yourself in one of the sunny beer gardens on the market, a trip to Renningers is the perfect weekend getaway. Whether you need to shop for a souvenir from the Sunshine State, need some everyday household items, or want to enjoy the atmosphere of one of the sunny beer gardens on the market, a tour to Renningers is the perfect weekend getaway.