Planet Pallet Furniture Kenya Demonstrates How To Use Old Pallets Productively


Have you ever wondered what you can do with all of your existing pallets?

Pallets are heavily used in the retail and wholesale trade, and unfortunately many of these pallets end up in landfills as broken pieces of wood.

Take a look at what this innovative Kenyan retailer does with recycled wood.

Planet Pallet Furniture Kenya is a leading manufacturer of furniture for commercial and residential use. They are based in Mombasa town in Kenya. This company is one of the oldest companies in the world. The Company was established in 1929 and their focus initially was to produce wooden cabinets for export to England. The company has since then expanded to include many commercial and residential items, including tables, chairs, shelving units, and computer desks.

You may be thinking that Planet Pallet is the same company that made those colorful plastic chairs that sit at the International Business incubator in downtown Nairobi. It certainly looks the part. The furniture produced by this company has a very modern look. However, it also has a traditional African flair. It is very inviting.

It seems that Planet Pallet furniture was designed to satisfy a few specific needs that they have discovered from their clients. Customers have asked for wooden products that have a certain feel. Some want their products to look older. Others want their products to look like they were made in Africa. This last item is very important to them because it relates to their mission to help the world.

Since they began trading in 2021, they have focused on two main products. These are African furniture and African textiles. Both of these products are extremely popular with consumers. People have a variety of styles to choose from. There are also a lot of options to customize the furniture.

The African furniture includes a large selection of chairs, dining tables, bar stools, and coffee tables. These are all found in a very classic style. Their designs are very nice. Most of them have an attached umbrella. There are some chairs with a wooden seat attached to it. This is a nice option for someone who is looking for a bit more comfort.

The African textiles are more popular because they are environmentally friendly. People who want to buy these products in Kenya need to know where to find them. They can be found online. If people want something that is unique, they can look for other products that are not being produced in Africa. Planet Pallet furniture is one company that people should check out.

It is nice to know that there are companies that actually care about the environment. They want people to be able to have items that are made with the least amount of chemicals as possible. Planet Pallet furniture Kenya wants to make sure that they are providing people with both. The people want something that is affordable.

The company's website is very easy to use. There is a FAQ page located on the website. Anyone can access this page and get answers to any questions that they may have. The site also provides an online catalog that has pictures of all of the products that the company offers.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing furniture for their homes or offices should contact this company. This company strives to have only the best products in the world. Their mission is to make sure that the people who live in Kenya get to have what they need.

This furniture company believes that people want environmentally friendly products. Their factories do not use anything that is harmful to the environment. There are a number of environmental laws in place here in Kenya. This company realizes that the people of Kenya are concerned about the state of the planet. They want to make sure that their efforts to provide people with quality furniture do not hurt the planet.

These environmentally friendly products are made with materials that are renewable. The trees that are used to produce the furniture are not harvested and stripped from the trees. This ensures that the trees do not die. Planet Pallet furniture is something that is sold all over the world.

Planet Pallet furniture was created so that people can have the furniture that they want. It is an ideal way to provide people with the products that they want and still be able to help the planet. People can find all of the products that they want when they visit this company's website. This company is committed to working hard to make sure that their customers are happy. If you want to help the planet, this company may be the right company for you.