Picking The Right Commercial Cargo Van For Your Wholesale Business


What is a commercial cargo van? It is a van which has been designed for the purposes of transporting your wholesale goods. These vans have to be road approved for transporting goods, so you will have to search for one that is approved for your intended purposes before you buy or lease it. The space available in the cargo van needs to be measured and the floor area should also be decided upon. If you are renting the cargo van for a long-distance journey, then you will have to decide upon a number of things like if you will place your belongings in the van and if you will hire drivers to drive the van around or if you want the cargo van to be your own personal vehicle.

If you are going to hire drivers to drive the van around, you will need to ensure that they are well qualified and experienced so that you do not have to worry about accidents while transporting your goods. If you do not hire professional drivers, then you will have to take the responsibility of taking care of all the safety issues involved while the van is being driven. If you purchase or lease an electric van, then you can save money on gas and maintenance expenses. Keep in mind that if you operate a commercial vehicle you will most likely need commercial insurance. Insurance is available from companies such as Progressive Commercial and Geico.

Before you purchase any van for transporting goods, you will have to make sure that the van can fit the quantity of wholesale products that you plan on regularly transporting. This is because there are some wholesale products which cannot be put into the smaller vans. If you have goods which cannot fit into the vans, then you will have to make other arrangements for the transport of these goods, such as UPS, or a delivery service.

Another important thing which you will have to decide upon is the price of the van. There are different types of cargo vans and so you will need to decide upon a price before you order the van. You may need to go through various dealers to get the best possible price. The price of the cargo van should be decided after considering the features, the size and the quality of the van. Be careful with the math, since it might be more economical to simply hire a delivery service, unless you plan to use your commercial cargo van on a daily basis.

While purchasing a cargo van, you will also have to make a choice of the kind of vehicle you want to buy. You will have to choose between a van which has an extended cab and another type which have a rear loading door. You will also have to choose between a van which comes with a ramp and another type which do not. Make sure that you are familiar with your vehicles MPG, and apply the miles per gallon ratio to your expected daily mileage. 

What is a commercial cargo van? You will also have to decide upon the size of the van when you are buying a cargo van. Usually the companies which own the cargo van will be able to give you the perfect size of a van. This is something that you will have to take into account when you are making your purchase. If you want to save money in the short term, you might consider leasing a van, although if you anticipate plenty of wear and tear, you are better off purchasing a pre owned or certified van, since a new van will lose its value quickly, especially if it gets roughed up, and you will be responsible for any damages to a leased vehicle.

Some popular models include Ford Transit Connect, RAM ProMaster, Chevrolet Express, and the GMC Savana. There are also electric models being introduced by companies such as Adomani (of which I am currently a shareholder), the E-Transit by Ford, and Maxwell Vehicles, among others.

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