Perfume Oil Bottles Wholesale From Roetell


You can choose between several styles of perfume oil bottles in wholesale. You can buy a single bottle of one scent for your business or mix and match different colors. These bottles come in various sizes, and will make a perfect gift for your friends and family. You can choose from clear, frosted, or roll-on bottles. You can also select small bottles with heart-shaped motifs or bead decorations. You can even find Apothecary-style bottles with different colors and designs.


Whether you're selling fragrance or a more expensive product like candles, Roetell has you covered. From aromatherapy to fragrance, Roetell offers glass bottles that suit a variety of industries. The company has been around since 1984 and caters to a variety of international clients. They invest in research and development to develop better products. If you're planning to buy their glass bottles in bulk, you can request a sample of any product before you order.

Aside from storing essential oils, Roetell's glass perfume bottles are also suitable for other types of content, from sand to pebbles. Their high chemical resistance properties prevent other substances from leaching into the oil. Glass is also resistant to heat and cold, making it the perfect choice for essential oils. Roetell's glass bottles are lead-free and iron-free, while their UV protection keeps your products protected from harmful UV rays.

Roetell provides wholesale

If you are looking for quality glass bottles for your business, look no further than Roetell. Established in 1984, Roetell is a top glass bottle manufacturer in China. Serving a diverse range of clients globally, Roetell continues to invest in Research and Development in order to offer the best products possible. Here are some of the benefits of using Roetell as your glass bottle supplier. Read on to learn about the benefits of glass bottles and how they can benefit your business.

Glass bottles are known for their hygienic and safe storage. They offer excellent acid and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for perfume oil. Glass bottles also ensure that other materials do not leach into the oil. They also resist heat and cold. And Roetell glass bottles are lead-free and low in iron. Moreover, Roetell's glass bottles are DOT-approved, and they are UV protected.

Roetell provides accessories

Glass bottle manufacturers like Roetell can help brand owners make their bottles stand out. These companies specialize in perfume oil bottles and accessories. They offer countless designs to choose from. If you'd like a different style, you can contact Roetell directly. They'll take note of your design requirements and make suggestions. You can also contact them for free design support. They have a large selection of glass bottle styles and can provide a variety of accessories to help you make your bottles look more enchanting.

Whether you're looking for a glass bottle or a metal tin, Roetell offers the perfect accessory for your perfume oil. Their glass bottles are dishwasher safe and hygienic. They're acid and heat resistant and feature low iron content. And, because Roetell's machinery uses a recycling scheme mechanism, you can rest assured that the company is helping the environment. Plus, they'll help you avoid pitfalls by providing quality and value.

Roetell provides mix-and-match discounts

The use of the right perfume packaging bottle makes a big difference in the overall perception of the product, so it is essential that you pay attention to the design of your bottles. As a reputable manufacturer of custom perfume packaging bottles, Roetell can help you improve your branding strategy by providing stylish, elegant wholesale perfume roller and spray bottles. Mix-and-match discounts are available on all products, so you can save money while still getting the right bottles for your product.