PalletBid Review

$0.00 is an online auction marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with the means to source surplus inventory. The site features powerful interface, freight and payment services online, downloadable manifests, and innovative search tools. Founded by the American Merchandise Liquidator, a company with over 19 years in the brick-and-mortar liquidation industry, PalletBid is a powerful, flexible way to source surplus inventory.

888 lots

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American Merchandise Liquidator

PalletBid is a fully functional online marketplace, where buyers and sellers can find surplus inventory. It has a highly functional interface, online freight and payment services, downloadable manifests, interactive services, and an innovative search utility. PalletBid is operated by the American Merchandise Liquidator, a company with 19 years of brick and mortar liquidation experience.

To access the PalletBid website, you must first register on the site. Once you have done so, you can browse the inventory of American Merchandise Liquidators. There, you can get an instant shipping quote and bid on anything you want to buy. After bidding, you can click on the "buy" button and secure your purchase. Payment can be made online by credit card, wire transfer, or cash. You can purchase a single item or a pallet of items.


A web portal offering an interactive marketplace where buyers and sellers can source surplus inventory, PalletBid offers a powerful interface, online freight services, payment options, downloadable manifests, and interactive services. This site was developed by American Merchandise Liquidator, a company with 19 years of brick-and-mortar liquidation experience. It offers a diverse inventory of products for buyers and sellers to bid on.

Before you can start selling your goods, you must first sort the items inside the pallet. Make sure that you separate items that are sellable straight from the box from those that need some attention. Some pallet items may be more appealing when sold in bulk together, but not all. For this reason, it's crucial to first sort the contents of your pallet. If you want to sell a wide range of items at a lower price, it's a good idea to group the items that will sell the best.