• Overstock Wholesale Dresses In New York Closeout Warehouse


    Wholesale Overstock Dresses In New York Closeout Warehouse

    This lot of exciting overstock dresses at below wholesale

    prices is available in my New York closeout warehouse.

    Brands can include R&M Richards, Connected Apparel,

    Morgan & Co., London Times, and other popular

    designer names.

    These fashionable dresses can retail for up

    to $225 each.

    Orders are packed with a variety

    of different brands, styles, colors, and sizes.

    There are many styles such as

    party, evening, ball gown, office,

    daytime, and work.

    Both long and short dresses are


    You are welcome to visit the warehouse

    which is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,

    and make your own selection.