Outremer Perfume Wholesale


If you're looking to buy wholesale Outremer perfume products, you've come to the right place. This article covers the basics of buying perfume wholesale and how to go about doing so. Learn about exclusive import agreements, small-batch perfumery, and more! Read on to find out how to become a wholesale perfumer! Here are three ways to make money as a wholesaler:

Exclusive import agreements

French perfumes and cosmetics manufacturers can't profit from exclusive import agreements. The French government is stepping in to protect its domestic market by banning exclusive import agreements in overseas territories. In French Guiana, these agreements have become an industry staple. But it's important to keep in mind that exclusivity in overseas territory markets has its limits. Exclusive import agreements can harm consumers. In addition to being illegal, they also can be very costly for companies.

Procter & Gamble, Coty and Chanel SA were recently sanctioned by the French Competition Authority (FCA) over their exclusive import agreements. The FCA is actively investigating exclusive import agreements in French overseas territories and has already sanctioned P&G, Chanel, and Sodibel. This is the latest example of a company that abused its exclusive import rights. As an outremer perfume wholesaler, you need to be vigilant and understand the ramifications of such agreements.

Small-batch perfumery

Outremer's Vanille is a powdery vanilla scent that evokes the aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies. The fragrance isn't a simple vanilla, but a delicious blend reminiscent of spun sugar and warm cookies. This elegant eau de toilette is made in small batches so the scent may vary slightly. Outremer's Vanille is a delightful blend of vanilla and sugar that is both sweet and spicy.

Vanille is a signature scent of the Southern woman. The perfume is imported from France and comes in simple glass bottles with twist caps. This fragrance is so versatile, you can use it as a shower gel, eau de toilette, or even add it to a steaming bath. Depending on your mood, you can also wear it as a perfume for your clothes, hair, and even home.


The French Competition Authority (FCA) has sanctioned Procter & Gamble for entering into exclusive import agreements in the French overseas territories. Exclusive import agreements are prohibited under the Luren law, which prohibits them in French-speaking countries. The FCA continues to pursue enforcement of these agreements, and the present case is the seventh one it has decided upon. The FCA expects to see approximately $1.9 billion in cost savings from the combined business, which includes $400 million in synergies from efficiency improvements.

The FCA's investigation into the practice of exclusive import agreements in the perfume and cosmetics industry uncovered several instances of these agreements in the French overseas territories. The FCA's investigation revealed that three major companies had entered into such agreements in France. These agreements prevented independent perfume and cosmetics retailers from accessing competing wholesalers. According to the FCA, these practices have been prohibited as of 22 March 2013.


Known for the Outremer light eau de toilette, this elegant and sophisticated scent is housed in an elegant glass bottle inspired by the countryside of France. Developed in France, this fragrance is a calming and refreshing elixir. Its delicate notes of freshness, citrus, and wood are perfect for warm days, or a day at the beach. With a price tag of around $130 a bottle, this perfume is a great bargain, especially for those who like to shop for their favorite scents at a discount.

Exclusive import agreements are illegal in France. The FCA has sanctioned Procter & Gamble, Coty, and Chanel over their exclusive import agreements. The FCA's Lurel Law prohibits these kinds of agreements, and this case marks the seventh decision concerning exclusive import agreements. This is good news for consumers and for the fragrance industry as a whole, because it encourages competition among fragrance companies.


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In 2013, the French Competition Authority sanctioned Procter & Gamble and Chanel SA for entering into exclusive import agreements. These practices violated the Lurel law, which prohibits exclusive import agreements. The FCA's findings in the present case are expected to have a ripple effect. With this decision, other retailers can find better prices by partnering with competing wholesalers. The FCA is committed to fair competition and will continue to pursue anti-trust cases involving exclusive import agreements.