Opening A Boutique In New York City


If you plan on running a successful boutique in New York, it should be in the right location in order to get the maximum attention as possible. Your location of the boutique should also depend on the type of wholesale clothing, the audience you want to attract to your store, and the price range of your clothes. For example, if you want to open a boutique that sells high end, expensive handbags, a low-income neighborhood is not the ideal place for opening a store like that. 

Some famous boutiques and retailers, as well as locations to open boutiques, are listed below: 

Bedford Avenue

In the case that you enjoy a more hipster outlook on life, and are a more modern shopper, this is the place you should visit. It is crowded with all the materials you need to live out your hipster days, from clothing to record labels and low priced thrift shops and vintage clothing displays. 
Times Square
If you want to feast your eyes on flashy boards and the hustle bustle of the city and shoppers, this is another place that you can gain access to all your favorite shops, such as Forever 21, Macy’s, MnM world, Abercombie and Fitch and all other famous shops, this commercialized square has all your favorite retailers all in close bounds. 

Soho stands for South of Houston Street. This street is for the more sophisticated shopper. This particular area has a cobblestone paved street and not only does it provide every kind of retailer possible, it is just aesthetically pleasing as well. It has shops of a large variety, ranging from high end, designer wear stores, art galleries and numerous antique shops. You can find top shelf quality items, such as couture wear, to odd things such as taxidermy animals. 

5th Avenue
New York’s Fifth Avenue is full of the top brands such as a Forever 21 outlet that has six floors, Nine West, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Bergdorf Goodman, ZARA, and Armani. The main attraction on this street is the Apple store that is open around the clock. It covers an area of ten thousand square feet. 

Madison Avenue
Much like the previously discussed 5th Avenue, this street is lined with the most high-end brands that come to minds such as Chanel, Armani, Prada, and Dolce and Gabbana. 
These three streets discussed are a piece of heaven for the enthusiastic, dedicated shopaholic. 
Other Tips for Opening a Successful Boutique
• Don't try to manage the boutique yourself especially if you have some other occupation. 
• Make sure the clothes have a similar aesthetic or theme but are not too similar.
• Have an employee to manage day to day functioning of the boutique. 
• Do not be a salesperson in your own shop. Take care of other things that need to be done about the boutique, paperwork can get piled up if not taken care of regularly. 
If you plan on opening a specific kind of boutique, it is crucial that you find the right location to open and make your business function. Opening it at the optimal location ensures that you are attracting an audience and the type of shoppers who are looking for the type of clothing or clothing item that you are offering. The wholesale clothes your boutique intends to sell should fall in the budget of all the shoppers that might visit your store. If you are opening your boutique in a location that has a large number of high-end stores, your low priced, casual clothing boutique would be highly unsuccessful.