NYSStore Surplus Government


The New York State Office of General Services is responsible for the administration and disposal of surplus personal property. Read on to learn how the surplus store works. What are the types of items sold at NYSStore? Where can you find their items? You can also ask questions by visiting their website. This article is written with the aim of providing information about what items they receive for disposal and how they are sold. If you are interested in purchasing surplus items, read on!

New York State Office of General Services administers and disposes of surplus personal property

The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) manages and disposes of surplus personal property for state agencies. Upon acquiring the property, it is offered for sale to other state agencies and local municipalities. Additionally, the surplus property is often sold to the public on eBay and at public auctions. This process makes it possible for New Yorkers to obtain used items at a low cost and in good condition.

For example, the Office of General Services can sell state land in Manhattan to the Frederick Fleming Housing Development Fund Corporation, which will use it as a homeless shelter. After the organization ceases to use the property for that purpose, it will revert to the state. Another option is to sell the property to Donald E. Green, who can use it for a park or helipad.

Items received for disposal by NYSStore

If you have never heard of the NYSStore Surplus Government program, you're missing out. It's like the state's equivalent of an eBay shop, where surplus items are auctioned off to the public. Surplus government property is collected by the state's Office of General Services, which sells the surplus items on eBay and at public auctions. The surplus government program has been in existence since 1904.

The Surplus Property Program accepts office furniture, computers, trucks, and building materials. NYC WasteMatch, a New York City-based Materials Exchange, matches commercial waste generators with reuse organizations. Another service, Pennsylvania Material Trader, is free and can be used by businesses and other government organizations. By taking advantage of these services, businesses can save precious resources and help the environment at the same time.

Items sold by NYSStore

The state's Office of General Services will soon start selling items on eBay under the name NYSStore. These surplus government assets are being sold to reduce operating costs, excess spending, and inventory. It is part of Cuomo's efforts to reform government operations. Items for sale include office supplies, cell phones, computers, furniture, and medical equipment. The website will launch in early April and update its inventory on a regular basis.

The New York State Office of General Services oversees the surplus property program, which works like a government garage sale. Surplus items are offered to other state agencies and local municipalities. They're also sold to the public at auction or on eBay. Some items can be picked up and shipped directly to you for free. But be aware that the program suspends its no shipping policy on sneakers, which is not a good idea if you're on a budget.

Items sold by NYSStore are unusable by other state agencies, but they can be bought at a bargain price. Many items can be found for as little as $10, including framed pictures, office furniture, and electronics. The State Department of Transportation also lists seven tons of wood logs, while the Office of General Services sells an old mandolin. Among the items for sale are a mandolin and a 1,000-gallon Lancaster tank.

A recent auction of NYSP surplus vehicles has brought in nearly 500 cars. Many of the vehicles are late models, with high mileage. Many of them will be sold "as-is," and if not sold through NYSStore, will be sold through traditional Office of General Services on-site auctions. While the majority of the auctioned items are cars, many are hybrids, vans, and SUVs.

Before purchasing, it is vital to read the terms and conditions of the auction. GSA requires buyers to pay in U.S. currency. Commercial money orders and credit union checks may be acceptable for payment. The GSA also accepts government checks. These payments are required for purchases in the United States. They are also available to international buyers. A copy of Standard Form 114C can be requested by buyers from the GSA.