• New York Zoos - Great Places Of Attraction


    New York Zoos - Great Places Of Attraction

    New York is a wonderful state in the US and full of amazing attractions. Among some of the beautiful attractions of New York is the plethora of Zoos. In this article, you will discover great New York Zoos that people can visit.

    New York Aquarium:

    This classic Zoo is found around West 8th Street and Surf Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. In this Zoo, visitors can find more than eight thousand animal exhibitions. The Zoo provides popular scientific expertise, superb viewing and diversity that assures a great experience. The Aquarium also offers the knowledge and understanding that people can establish a unique difference in the ocean world. 

    Contact Address:

    website: http://nyaquarium.com/

    Phone: (718) 220-5100 

    Long Game Wildlife Park:

    This wonderful Zoo is located in Manorville, NY 11949. It is the children's Zoo that exhibits a gamut of animals. This includes peacocks, Barbados sheep, cougars, kinkajous, red kangaroos, and an eighteen foot giraffe. Animal collections in Long Island Game Farm Wildlife Park are indigenous and exotic breeds. Visitors will find several breeds of alligator, ostrich, camels, aoudads, zebra, colorful parrots, buffalo, monkeys and just to mention a few.  

    Contact Address:

    Website: http://www.longislandgamefarm.com/

    Phone: (631) 878-6644

    Cold Spring Harbour Aquarium And Fish Hatchery:

    Among New York Zoos, the Cold Spring Harbour has an amazing feature and structure. The Cold Spring Harbour is located at 1660 Route 25 A, New York 11724. Children, adults and visitors will find a lot of opportunity with Cold Spring Harbour Aquarium and Hatchery. Moving around the facilities will help you discover the first-class huge collection of NY reptiles, fish and amphibians. For trout fishing, a new tidal raceway has been opened and can be viewed during weekend and in the week days. 

    Contact Address:

    Website: http://cshfishhatchery.org/

    Phone: (516) 692-6768

    Buffalo Zoo:

    Buffalo Zoological Gardens are located at 300 Parkside Avenue, New York 14214-1999. You can find beautiful garden areas, naturalistic wildlife habitats and classic animal exhibits all year in the Buffalo Zoo. The Buffalo Zoological Gardens also have a plethora of surroundings where people can enjoy full history, adventure and fun.

    Contact Address:

    Website: https://buffalozoo.org/

    Phone: (716) 837-3900

    Binghamton Zoo:

    Located at 60 Morgan Road, Binghamton, New York 13903, this Zoo ranks high among the best attractions in the country. The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park came into existence in 1875. Apart from Buffalo, Cincinnati, Chicago and Philadelphia, the Binghamton Zoo is the 5th oldest zoological.

    Contact Address:

    Website: http://rossparkzoo.com/

    Phone: (607) 724-5461

    The Utica Zoo: 

    One of the best New York Zoos is the Utica. It is found around 99 Steele Hill Road, Utica, New York 13501. For eighty-eight years, the Zoo has served visitors, people and the location. As part of a recreational facility, the Zoo is perfectly located in Roscoe-Conkling. The possibility of the Zoo is through the donation of real estate contribution from Thomas Procto around 1909. The Utica Zoo has over two hundred animals.

    Contact Address:

    Website: http://uticazoo.org/

    Phone: (315) 738-0472

    Trevor Zoo:

    The Trevor Zoo is located at 131 Millbrook School Road, New York 12545. This is the only zoo in the United States found at a high school. The Trevor Zoo has over one hundred and eighty indigenous and exotic animals. Among these animals, the Zoo has eighty unique species.

    Contact Address:

    Website: http://www.millbrook.org/page/School-Life/Trevor-Zoo

    Phone: (845)677.8261