New York Jewelry Tool Suppliers For Designers And Manufacturers


New York Jewelry Tool Suppliers For Designers And Manufacturers

Creating craft jewelry is a very interesting hobby and is enjoyed by many people the world over. New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world and is home to many a jewelry designer. As is the case with every craft, sometimes there is a requirement to use specialized tools to get the job done as effectively as possible. Since almost everything ones heart desires can be found in the Big Apple, this article will take a closer look at where one could find the specialized tools and equipment needed for crafting that stellar piece of jewelry. The list of suppliers in no way reflects any ranking, but is intended to give you an idea of where good quality tools and supplies can be found


Aside from a wide variety of beads and other accessories, Elvee Rosenberg also stocks the basic tools that one needs. Wire cutter, pliers and clamps are some of the products on offer from this company. The range is wide and caters for everyone, from the entry level tools to the more expensive and even premium brands can be found here.


Myron Toback has been around for a long time and sells a wide variety of tools and accessories that is needed to construct jewelry. You can also get a lot of your required supplies from Myron Toback. Well worth a visit


Brooklyn Charm themselves manufacture jewelry and can offer advice and support on the best tools to create your own jewelry. They also stock a wide range and variety of tools and accessories used in the trade. If you are looking for supplies and accessories, you can find that here too!


Zak Jewelery Tools stock a very wide range of tools for every imaginable application. Their supplies and tools can be used by hobbyists and professionals alike. They stock tools for using with diamonds, gold, silver and pearls. Also available are workbenches and other essential tools and supplies.


Gesswein Tools is definitely one of the must see locations for professional jewelers. Stocking a vast array of tools and equipment vital to the professional jeweler it is easy to find exactly that you need to improve your skills and hone your craft.


AJS is also a wholesaler of supplies and accessories to the trade. Specializing in tools for use by professional jewelers such as goldsmiths and silversmiths. Here tools of any shape and size can be found including equipment such as smelters and diamond cutters. They also offer a very convenient online shopping system that allows orders to be placed online and keep you focused on your work.

In order to enable us to create the most extraordinary pieces of jewelry, we need access to the best tools and supplies. The companies on this list have been carefully selected because of the product range they stock and the advice they can give on making the purchase that it right for you.