New York Factoring Companies That Work With Retailers


Retail factoring companies provide a cash flow solution (which is much needed!) to retailers looking to scale their business or look for the right kind of financing to manage their cash flow. The following are some of the factoring companies in New York that work with retailers. 

CapFlow Funding Group 

CapFlow funding group is one of the best factoring companies in New York that collaborate with retailers and wholesalers. CapFlow Funding Group has the solution to all of your financing requirements if you are a retail supplier. They offer up to 5 million dollars in funding, which gives you the freedom to increase your sales, purchase more inventory, and meet your customer's demand. Other benefits for retailers to engage CapFlow Funding Group services include no monthly minimums and 24 hours funding. You can call 516-260-5515 to reach out to them or send an email to 

Millennial Funding 

Located in Buffalo, New York, Millennial Funding offers a host of factoring advantages for retailers. With them, retail businesses can get credit facilities for up to 10 million dollars and have their funding approved just within 1-2 days. You also have the flexibility to factor only those retail invoices that you would like to factor. Contact them on (888) 652-8298 to discuss your further your retail financing needs. 

Stenn International 

Stenn International is a reputed finance company that offers online, innovative accounts financing (receivable), which injects liquidity through those retail businesses' supply chains that engage in cross-border trade. Furthermore, retailers can select which invoices they want to finance without any long-term contracts. If you retailer looking for an immediate factoring solution, be sure to call them on 972-449-9429. 

Force Financial Services 

Force Financial Services is a factoring firm that is ideal for both small and big retailers. Force Financial Services provides credit ranging from 10000 dollars to 2 million dollars to assist you with your particular cash flow requirements. You can also get funding approval in less than a day, which is great for any retailers who want quick cash. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact them on 1300 772 825. 

Alliance One 

Alliance One is a factoring company that can tailor a financial program that fulfills your particular retail requirements. They offer 24 hours of funding, non-recourse factoring, and there are no hidden fees as well. They also offer credit lines up to 10 million dollars, making them one of the best providers for big retailers who seek an experienced invoice factoring solution.  

You get in touch with them on 631-776-4076. 

Hamilton Group 

Hamilton Group in NY provides retailers with a maximum credit line of up to 3 million dollars, and there are no minimum volume requirements or term requirements either. As a retailer, you also do not have to pay any extra fees to get your funding approved. Contact them at 805-422-7229 to discuss your retail business's financing needs. 


A commercial, financial institute in New York, CBI focuses on offering supply chain funding to retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers. You can contact one of their representatives on 212.887.7900, who can guide you further on which factoring solution is best for your financing requirements. 

Plus Funding Group 

Plus Funding Group is a great factoring company that offers stretch term loans to retail businesses and approves the funding very quickly in less than 24 hours. You also do not have to pay any start-up or hidden fees and obtain funding up to 5 million dollars. To learn more about their factoring services for retailers, you can call them at 914-499-0941. 

Coral Capital Solutions 

A New York finance company, Coral Capital Solutions offers working capital to mid-sized and small retail businesses chiefly via purchase order financing and accounts receivable factoring. Moreover, they also offer loans (asset-based) against inventory and receivables. You can get a max factoring credit line of 15 million dollars from Coral Capital Solutions. To reach out to them, you can call (212) 219-0159 or 

Simplicity Financial Solutions 

Simplicity Financial Solutions provide splendid and tailored factoring solutions for retailers' financial needs. If you are in the retailing business, they can generally fund you within a day after receiving your initial invoices. Their fees vary from 2-5 percent and can also advise you on how you can minimize your expenses. You can reach out to this company on their number (800) 545-6691 for any further discussion. 

Grace Capital Resources 

Grace Capital resources is a family-owned factoring business in NY and is an ideal solution for you if you are a retailer who is seeking strong and quick financial backing. You can get funding for up to 2.5 million dollars at a minimal factoring fee at 1 percent, and you do not have to sign any long-term contract either. Call them at 1-877-504-3456, and they will guide you every step of the way! 

Express Trade Capital 

Express Trade Capital is a factoring company that offers excellent financial solutions to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers who are looking for invoice factoring or purchase order factoring. A retailer can get credit for up to 20 million dollars and receive credit protection to prevent any losses. You can also avail the services of unlimited credit checks on your consumers. To contact Express Trade Capital and get your funding, call (212) 997-0155. 

Paragon Financial 

If you are a retailer seeking a quick invoice factoring solution, then the financial company, Paragon Financial, is also a very good choice. You will have credit protection, cash in your hands in less than a day, and funding for up to 2million dollars for your various financial concerns like purchasing retail inventory, etc. You can contact them at 888-400-5931 for further assistance. 

Tradewind Intelligent Trade Finance 

This factoring company has expertise in providing services like purchase order financing and invoice factoring to several retailers. You can also get credit for up to a whopping 30 million dollars making this establishment ideal for big retailers who need sizeable funding to grow their business further. You can call them at 917-982-2422 to discuss your precise financial needs further.