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These features require the Google Home app to connect to your Wi-Fi and your other devices, such as Google Assistant speakers and Nest hubs. The Nest app also works with the Google Home app to create groups and connect devices to speakers and hubs. This app is provided by Google for free and works with your Nest device without a subscription.

Nest Aware is a cloud-based service that gives users of the Nest Hello, Nest IQ Cam, and other Nest security cameras access to advanced features such as facial recognition, as well as some more basic features such as saved video history. Developed to complement Nest security cameras, Nest Aware is an online service that offers cloud storage for video, 24/7 events or continuous video recording, as well as access to activity zones to set up motion alerts.

With a Nest Aware subscription plan, not only will you be notified when your Google smart home device detects motion or sound, but you can also view video clips recorded in the past 30-60 days. There's also Nest Aware Plus, which doubles the retention time of clips to 60 days and the ability to see what your wired cameras (except the new Nest doorbell for some reason) have seen and heard over the past 24 years of all content hours. Nest Cam Wired and Nest Cam batteries have enough memory to use local video storage and store up to an hour of offline event recording. The main feature of Nest Aware is 24/7 recording. Without Nest Aware, you can only view motion-detection snapshots, and they can be stored for up to three hours.

With simple features like motion and sound detection and video recording, Nest Aware notifies you when something is happening at home and records what it sees so you can review all the activity now and later. All smart home devices based on Google Nest cameras work with the Nest Aware cloud service, including the Nest Hello smart video doorbell. However, the new Nest Aware plan adds some new features, including sound detection, which uses Nest cameras, smart speakers, and displays to listen for a smoke detector and send you an alert if an alarm goes off. The new Nest Protect also has an App Silence feature that allows you to mute with your smart device, except in the US or Canada.

This feature is optional (you can enable or disable it) and there is no additional charge for it. If you choose to turn it on, you now have another microphone and speaker for home control, information requests, setting reminders, and more.

From there, you can listen to an audio clip or listen live in the Home app to acknowledge the alarm, and the new Nest Aware gives you the ability to call emergency 911 services directly from the Home app (US only). Your Nest speakers and displays will now alert you if a critical sound is detected, such as a smoke detector or broken glass, by sending an alert to the Home app. You will also receive notifications and snapshots whenever your Nest devices detect motion or sound.

This video is available to watch on the Nest app for 10 days. Or, for those who want 24/7 video history, you can choose Nest Aware Plus for 60 days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 video history for $12 per month (or $120 for an annual subscription). Instant Mobile Alerts The Nest app, which also includes smart speakers, a thermostat and other devices from Google, allows us to view live footage from our Nest cameras at any time.

In addition, you can also take advantage of "activity zones", which allow you to highlight a specific part of what the Nest Cam can see and receive motion alerts if something is detected in that particular area. This means your Nest app will display a color-coded timeline of events, which should make it easier to see footage from a specific area.

You can access live video on your Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell anytime without a Nest Aware subscription, but the camera won't record video and upload it to Might. If all your expectation from a security system is to be able to monitor your home remotely in real time, then Nest Awares' video storage feature probably won't be of much use to you; you might be able to safely skip the subscription. They can also opt out of their Nest Aware subscription entirely, relying only on the amount of storage available on their Gen 2 device. For Nest Aware, the subscription costs $6 per month or $60 per year.

Both subscription plans cover all your Nest devices, including video doorbells, smart displays and speakers. Both subscription plans are for families, which means the plan covers all Nest devices in your home. This package costs $523.98 for a total savings of $65. To get the most out of Google Home devices, including various Google Nest cameras and Google Nest doorbells, a Nest Aware subscription is recommended. The new Google Nest Aware plan is an evolution of the original plan in one important way: The new Nest Aware lets you buy a plan for all Nest devices, rather than every camera and Nest device.

Subscriptions and storage plans As another really smart nod to home security, we found that Nest cameras are designed so that you don't have to buy a subscription or sign a contract to use most (not all) of their features and video history. Your subscription includes 24/7 Nest camera video recording and cloud storage of your footage.

More expensive plans allow up to 30 days of video storage for $30 per month (or $300 per year), while additional cameras cost $15 per month (or $150 per year). Each additional Nest camera requires an additional Nest Aware subscription, which is sometimes discounted and sometimes not, depending on whether the new subscription is the same 5, 10, or 30 days and is assigned to the same household.

In 2021, production of the Nest Cam IQ indoor and outdoor camera has been halted ahead of Google's planned launch of a new line of security cameras. In June 2014, Nest acquired Dropcam, the maker of Dropcam security cameras.

With built-in intelligence, Google Nest's advanced cameras and doorbells can not only detect motion and record video, but also use facial recognition to send you personalized alerts about specific people, vehicles, and animals in and around your property. Add the Google Nest Cam to your smart home or set up a smart security system, here's what you need to know. The first Nest Cam, launched in 2015, features 1080p video resolution, night vision, a rotating magnetic stand, audio and motion alerts, two-way communication, and other Nest Aware services. Today, we'll dive into hardware costs (which aren't all that bad considering what you're getting), but we'll also take a look at subscriptions, bundles, cloud storage plans, and current deals and discounts on Google Nests camera bundles.