Native American Porcelain Dolls Wholesale


Native American porcelain dolls are beautiful and valuable pieces of history. These dolls are made from authentic materials such as turtle shell, leather, and natural materials like resin and terracotta. Most Native American porcelain doll manufacturers are located in the southwestern United States. Many Native American porcelain dolls are hand crafted by Native Americans, many in their own special styles. These porcelain dolls make wonderful gifts for family, friends, or Indian themed events.

Native American porcelain doll manufacturers typically offer a two to three-piece package. The first is the porcelain doll itself. Next comes the accessories. One may find complete sets including a face, body, and hair accessory. For variety, one can also find a nose, chin, and nose hairpiece, and a bracelet or necklace. These items are available in several different styles and prices.

Native American porcelain dolls are made by handmade artisans. These dolls are made without any type of machines or assembly lines. Most Native American porcelain dolls are made on an Indian pottery wheel. There are many stories as to how these porcelain dolls were made.

One story is that the creator of the porcelain doll took a turtle shell, melted it down, formed it into a bowl and formed a man out of it. This creation was called a "skin doll". Another story is that a handsome man who lived among the Pueblo people in the southwest discovered a young woman, who was pregnant. To make more money, this woman used her own painted skin to create more attractive faces and bodies for the toys. These beautiful Native American porcelain dolls became known as "Navajo doll".

Wholesale Native American porcelain dolls can be found online with a simple click of the mouse. When you browse the website of a Native American porcelain doll wholesaler, you will be able to find everything you need to create a beautiful porcelain doll collection. You will find porcelain dolls made from a wide variety of materials, including, leather, terracotta and even wood. The price of each doll is based on quality and how unique it is.

Native American porcelain dolls have been handed down throughout history. They are an important part of the American Indian culture and heritage. You will be surprised at how much fun and happiness these porcelain dolls will bring to your life. The pleasure you will get from playing with your new collection will far outweigh any cost. A Native American porcelain doll wholesale supplier is just what you are looking for to give you years of enjoyment and beauty in your home.

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