MyUS Package Consolidation Shipping For International Wholesale Buyers


One of the challenges that international wholesale buyers encounter when purchasing merchandise from the USA is how to have it shipped to their stores.

For example, a retailer can place an order for wholesale Tahari dresses from a fashion showroom in New York, but if the shipping is not done efficiently the retailer can see a sizable added expense to the cost of those dresses.

One of the companies that has addressed this concern is MyUS.

Being an industry leader MyUS has shipped since 1997 more than 11 million packages. The MyUS package consolidation company takes pride in being recognized for its US tax free shopping, top-rated member service, shipping expertise and industry-leading experience. Through package consolidation MyUS is also the leader in saving its members money. According to industry data, in 2016 the total member savings through MyUS package consolidation has been as much as $77,141,989. The average member savings in 2016 was $728. 

Customers from all over the world can get high quality products by shopping on U.S. online stores. However, it can be very costly to ship directly from the merchant multiple packages directly overseas. By shipping your purchases with MyUS, the company experts can save you up to 80 percent off standard international shipping rates by bundle the into a single package.

How It Works

Once you shop online at a U.S. retail store, you should enter your MSUS address at the shipping address. The experts at MyUS will bundle your packages and repackage them efficiently once your purchases have arrived in their facility. This way you can save up to 80 percent on typical global shipping costs. MyUS package consolidation company can reship to your country of choice, from Australia to Columbia, France, Iceland, India, Iraq, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and more.

For MyUS Premium members, package consolidation services are 100 percent free. The company’s goal is to provide its customers the lowest global shipping rates possible. They hold your items in order to send them together. The Premium membership also includes 30 days of free storage at the company’s warehouse, so multiple packages can ship together when they arrive. 

Merchants often ship packages in standard sized boxes in order to fit many products. In case that the purchased product does not match the box, being too small, many merchants fill the empty space with extra material that takes up space and adds weight. This can add to your already expensive international shipping fees. MyUS experts take care to properly package your merchandise. This way you can be sure that your goods are properly prepared for international shipping. The company’s experienced team will repack your items in order to maximize your savings and best protect your items. shippers select the requested package when you submit your ship request and discard the packing material, extra boxes, and advertisements. Shippers add padding as necessary, place carefully your purchases into a single box, and send to your door the box containing your consolidated purchases. shippers do not add any unnecessary packing material. You can significantly reduce your shipping costs by consolidating packages to eliminate unnecessary material. Consolidation can save you even thousands of dollars if you make a lot of purchases or ship frequently.
Shipping benefits

With MyUS' industry leading expertise, extensive experience, and unmatched member service, you can enjoy worry free and fast shipping. Here are the shipping benefits with MyUS:

• MyUS TruePrice Guaranteed Pricing
• MyUS TruePrice Details
• Discounted Carrier Rates
• MyUS Mobile App
• MyUS Quick Ship Pledge
• Size and Experience You Can Trust
• Superior Packing and Personal Care
• Customs and Compliance