Miami Lots - Selling Amazon's Lost & Found Inventory


Miami Lots has a wide variety of wholesale products for sale, including Amazon Lost & Found inventory. The website has an incredibly high manifest accuracy rate, with over 98.5% of pallets being 100% accurate. The website also allows you to negotiate prices, making it a great way to buy brand new wholesale items. To learn more, read on. Here are some of the most notable features of Miami Lots:


If you're looking for wholesale pallets at lower prices, then look no further than Miami Lots. Miami Lots sells inventory from Amazon's Lost & Found program at below wholesale prices. There are a wide range of items available. In addition to their large selection, Miami Lots boasts 98.5% manifest accuracy and flat shipping rates of only $137 for pallets and $25 per box via FedEx. While the company does not offer a wholesale price guarantee, Miami Lots's prices can't be beat.

Pallet pricing

In addition to offering a wide variety of wholesale merchandise in pallet form, Miami Lots also provides detailed manifests. Many of their lots are brand new and priced well below wholesale. Many customers have found that purchasing pallets from Miami Lots has increased their profit margin by as much as seventy percent. Miami Lots also allows approved buyers to begin sourcing high-quality merchandise in one business day. The website is easy to navigate and the reps are quick to answer any questions. Each lot's condition is clearly described on the website. Besides offering a large selection of products, Miami Lots is also able to ship orders quickly.

Liquidation companies are another way to buy wholesale pallets at a low cost. These companies have a vast inventory and offer a warranty on pallets they sell. These buyers are guaranteed to get the best prices on their purchases. You can purchase pallets for as little as $800 or even less. Many liquidation pallets include items such as snacks, juice, or boxes damaged beyond repair. These pallets are a great way to resell them and make a profit.

Amazon's Lost & Found inventory

Amazon's Lost & Found inventory for sale on Miami Lots is a great way to save money on items you need at wholesale prices. Miami Lots offers a wide variety of products and ships everything at a low, flat rate of $137 for wholesale pallets, and $25 for each box via FedEx. Customers can buy these items at discounted wholesale prices, and many items are in excellent condition.