MerchantMartWholesale Review


Merchant Mart is a company that specializes in Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Nec. The company is located in Charlotte, North Carolina at 717 Atando Ave. They have been in business for a decade. Merchant Mart has received a total of 4 customer reviews. The company has also received 2 complaints. The customer service department is able to resolve most issues within 24 hours. You can contact them by phone or through their website.

Merchant Mart has received 4 reviews

The Merchant Mart is one of the best places to shop for electronics. Its location makes it ideal for trade shows, which are held here more often than any other place in the world. The Mart also has a large selection of books, music, and movies. And the prices are low. A television can be found for hundreds of dollars off the original list price. However, the sales pitches have become annoying - the company needs to stop using gimmicks to lure customers in.

Merchant Mart has been in the business of Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Nec since 2010

Merchant Mart is a company in the Charlotte, NC area that specializes in Miscellaneous Retail Stores, NeC. They have a location at 717 Atando Ave. This company has been in the business of Miscellaneous Retail Stores, NeC since 2010.

Merchant Mart has received 2 complaints

The Federal Transit Administration has recently issued a report regarding two complaints filed against the Mart. The report cited the fact that the Mart held more trade shows than any other venue in Massachusetts. The FTA is responsible for enforcing the federal anti-discrimination statutes. Anyone claiming that they have been the victim of discrimination or harassment should file a complaint with the FTA or the MART. In either case, the complaint will be investigated by the operating company. The MART office is located at 1427R Water St, Fitchburg, MA 01420.