• Merchandise Distribution in Guyana


    Merchandise Distribution in Guyana

    Without proper distribution, no firm or company can withstand for long. Regardless of

    the cost-management and careful production, income is eventually generated

    because of distribution. Hence, it is not a matter of surprise that

    distribution of merchandiseis extremely important, especially in Guyana, where

    there are lots of old as well as aspiring distributors. And, to make a

    difference, you will have to compete and struggle against each other.

    However, there are ways which you can apply to effectively distribute your merchandise in Guyana. Some of them are:

    1. Wholesalers:Wholesalers

    are one of the best options for distributing your merchandise. There are lots of wholesalers in Guyana like

    Najab Trading Enterprise, or Wieting & Ritcher Ltd that will gladly buy and

    sell your stock. Moreover, they buy in bulks. This will allow you to distribute

    a ton of goods at once. The only problem with wholesalers is that they do not

    advertise your product unless you pay an extra amount for it.

    2. Retailers: You

    can distribute your merchandise to direct retailers as well. They will sell or

    distribute your products efficiently. Depending on your product, you can distribute

    some of them to the stores that are established to sell such merchandises.

    There are countless retailers in Guyana. So, to name a few, your choices

    include Starr Compuer Inc, or Gizmos and Gadgets. As there are so many

    retailers in Guyana, distributing through them will not disrupt your


    3. Importers:

    While you are contacting wholesalers and retailers to help your distribution

    domestically, you should not forget to search for importers that will take your

    product overseas. Exporting your merchandise is a good way to sell them in

    bulks. And, in order to do that, you will need contacts with importers of

    Guyana. You can always contact importers like A. Wahab Imports and Didco

    Trading Company. They will help you sell your goods outside the country.

    Therefore, you will be establishing strong foreign connections as well.

    4. Website: If

    you create a website your own company or firm, then distributing will be a lot

    easier than you can imagine. After establishing a website, more wholesalers,

    retailers, as well as importers will approach you for a portion of your goods.

    One of the prominent examples of distributors in Guyana that made it big

    because of its own website is Toucan Industries Inc. It is one arguably one of

    the best distributors in Guyana, and it has a website to support its

    distribution. Thus, creating a website is sure to help you in your distribution


    5. Social Media:Social

    Media platforms will provide you with a lot of opportunities to expand your

    distribution in Guyana. Unlike websites, you can continuously post about your

    merchandise on Facebook or Twitter which will definitely attract buyers for

    your product. Moreover, many people, as well as companies of Guyana, use social

    media accounts. So, it will help you reach more people. Also, it is absolutely

    free. They can also be used to advertise your distribution. So, there is no

    harm in making a social media profile to boost your distribution in Guyana.

    6. Door to Door: You

    can also try door to door distribution. However, this one depends on your

    product. If your products are portable, then you can contact door to door

    distributors who will take your product in each household and distribute them

    accordingly. There are distributors in Guyana who will reach any destination to

    deliver your products. For instance, Affiliate Network is always ready to drive

    to any location where you need your product distributed. Hence, if your

    products are appropriate and portable, door to door distribution is not such a

    bad idea.

    There are various ways through which you can distribute your merchandise. Depending

    on your product, you can always pick the best choice for you. Or, you can blend

    all these distributors to reach greater number of customers.