Megagoods Review - Is Megagoods a Good Option For Wholesalers?

$0.00 is an online shopping site with an inventory of just over one thousand products. This online retailer does not offer automated integration tools, offers free shipping on only a few products, and has a 20 percent merchandise restocking fee. These factors make Megagoods an unsuitable option for wholesalers. We'll go over some of the benefits of Megagoods in this article. We'll also look at what to look for in this online retailer.

It offers free shipping on select products offers free shipping on selected products, which is nice. The company also provides telephone and email assistance. You can expect the customer service to be friendly. There are no minimum order requirements and you can also take advantage of the website's free trial. However, it is recommended to do your own research before signing up for their service. However, the prices may not be as low as you would like.

When setting up an account at Megagoods, you should know the difference between resellers and dropshippers. While Megagoods specializes in electronics, their inventory is small and limited. They have only about 2,000 products on hand. Nonetheless, the company promotes an easy path to selling products. You do not need a lot of knowledge or experience to start your own online store. The company is also international, which allows you to work with resellers and affiliates outside the United States.

It does not offer automated integration tools

Though excels in drop shipping, it doesn't offer a wide variety of integration tools, such as automated low-inventory notifications or shopping cart integration. While the vast majority of other marketplaces offer these tools, does not. If you're interested in integrating Megagoods with your existing website, read on to learn more. We also discuss what to look for in an automated integration tool, and how to integrate Megagoods into your website.

It has a 20 percent merchandise restocking fee

When considering dropshipping services for electronics, stands out. Not only does the company stock over two thousand products for dropshipping, but it also offers membership plans. Among its membership plans, offers a 20 percent merchandise restocking fee. The company also doesn't send notifications when inventory levels are low, so customers may end up buying items they don't need.

Although the membership fee is high, it isn't without drawbacks. On top of a $1.50 handling fee, the company also charges shipping costs, which are calculated based on the item you sell and the delivery address. For small businesses, these fees add up fast. In addition to the handling fee, Megagoods also charges a 20 percent merchandise restocking fee, which means you'll have to restock returned products if you want to get a refund.

If you're unsure about the condition of an item you ordered, you can return it within thirty days of receiving it. However, if you're not satisfied with your purchase, does not refund shipping and handling costs and will issue you a store credit instead. Just make sure you notify Megagoods within seven days of delivery if it arrives damaged or faulty. is known for their restocking fee, but it doesn't take this into account. They have a high number of reviews and customer reviews online. The price is great, but it doesn't have much to offer. You can find better dropshipping services elsewhere. The only drawback to Megagoods is that they don't have a minimum order requirement.