MBA Programs In New York For Retailers And Wholesalers


Getting an MBA is a logical step for retailers and wholesalers who looking to advance their professional careers, as well as expand their business knowledge baseThis is because the benefits of an MBA can be useful to job paths in any industry or professional focus. Some people may wonder whether pursuing an MBA is worth itAs there is a high level of expense and commitment involved.  While retailers and wholesalers, as well as other entrepreneurs, might not see the value of pursuing a degree associated with working in a corporate job, the skills that can be learned, as well the network of contacts that can be developed, can help business people involved in the wholesale and closeout industry.

Pursuing an MBA is also immensely beneficial for anyone seeking to build on their leadership skill within a managerial capacity. So, for people with entrepreneurial aspirations, managerial positions, or financial career paths. This post will aim to show you exactly: 

  • What An MBA Degree Program Is   

  • The Benefits You Can Gain From An MBA Program, And 

  • The Top 5 Schools In New York That Offer An MBA Degree 

What is an Online MBA Degree? 

An online MBA or Master of Business Administration program is a curriculum on topics geared to teach learners how to expand their managerial knowledge. This is perfect if seeking to further careers in the business fields. Such as accounting, finance, and management 

Studying online offers the flexibility to gain your MBA degree from anywhere with an internet connection. Your classes would be administered in a virtual classroom, and most programs allow you to follow your own pace. 

Benefits of Earning An MBA Degree 

Graduating from an MBA degree program demonstrates that you understand how to apply leadership skills and a commitment to learning. It also tells a potential employer that you have a will to help their company succeeds and improving yourself.  

Additionally, business professionals with have obtained an MBA tend to exude confidence. You will feel a heightened sense of how to pitch yourself. And will often be more willing to dive into new ventures and opportunities.  

Other benefits you will gain from pursuing an MBA include:  

A Heightened Degree of Awareness of The Global Market 

While pursuing an MBA you will be interacting with students from across the globe. All of which have different perspectives and work experiences on the global economy. So, you won’t only be learning the actual curriculum from the professors. MBA students get the unique benefit of learning about industries in other countries from their fellow classmates.  

Improving Communication Skills 

Being able to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill to have to excel in a professional field. Many people overlook this as it is considered a soft skill. However, effective communication is a skill that can make or break your career. An MBA helps you to hone your written and verbal communication skills. This allows you to convey concepts successfully to people and organizations at a variety of levels. Which is essential in ensuring that all the people you are working with are aiming for the same goal 

Expanding Your Professional Network 

Graduating from an MBA program lands you a spot in an alumnus of 100,000 people who are now a part of your global network. This gives you access to intelligent and respected professionals you wouldn’t have otherwise connected with. This is, of course, in addition to your direct classmates and professors.  

Better Job Opportunities 

The job market is currently highly competitive. Attaining an advanced degree gives you the ability to stand out in a sea of applicants. An MBA can ban asset in almost any industry that you apply to. Employers actively seek out candidates with MBAs to promote or hire. As it tells them that you have skills in finance and marketing. Often skills that other current employees may lack. As it allows them to have you begin with a higher expectation to assist them in maximizing profits.  

Top 5 Schools in New York That Offer An MBA Degree 

#1 - Columbia University 

Taking the number one spot is Columbia. Columbia University is an NYC Ivy League school. They pride themselves on their culture and diversity of academic excellence. Candidates completing an MBA are required to complete a two-year, 60-credit program. Each cohort would have around 65-70 students, and candidates are admitted on a rolling basis.  

#2 - Cornell University 

In second place we have Cornell. Their MBA degree program stands out among all the Ivy League universities. Cornell’s program places an emphasis on personally customized degrees for set career goals.  

You are given an option to complete the degree in a one-year accelerated program or the regular two years. Both of which are offered at the Ithaca campus. To complete the program students are asked to choose from 80 electives and 13 concentrated programs.  

#3 - New York University 

Thirdly we have NYU. New York University is located in downtown Manhattan and is one of the most popular schools in the state. Their MBA program places flexibility at the forefront. Students are given 20 options to select a maximum of three specializations.  

There are over 200 options for elective courses. These include industry immersions iluxury retail marketing and startup marketingYou will also have the option to pursue a dual degree. These degree options include biology, mathematics, and law. With the possibility of participating in partnership programs with up to five courses at other universities.  

#4 - University of Rochester 

Next, we have one of the most highly regarded premier universities in the nation, the University of Rochester (UR)To complete an MBA program at UR, you will need to complete 67 credits in a two-year immersive program. All of which are tailored to students that already have experience in their field or career-shifters. 

The MBA program at UR utilizes a ton of study teams in a cohort-friendly structureTo get the 67 credits, students may select from 10 specializations to complete 20 courses. This includes, but is not limited to technology, asset management, and brand management. 

#5 - Fordham University 

In our final spot, we have Fordham UniversityThe MBA degree program at Fordham is another unique one. It offers an option of completing your degree in an executive style, professional style, or full-time. The completion time differs based on the selected style, ranging between 22 months and for years.  

Primary concentrations available for your MBA include marketing, accountancy, and finance. With secondary concentration options including global sustainability, and blockchain 

Bottom Line 

Pursuing an MBA can be a logical step for anyone looking to advance their retail or wholesale business. An MBA degree can be beneficial in a variety of career paths in any industry or professional focus. So, if you are on the fence deciding whether or not it would be for you, just go for it!