MAGIC Wholesale Show In Las Vegas


Why You Should Attend WWDMAGIC

When it comes to luxury events, one of the biggest is WWDMAGIC. This international showcase features the latest in contemporary luxury brands. This high-end event is not your typical trade show, and has a completely new look and feel. Here are some reasons why you should consider attending WWDMAGIC. We'll also cover the new VIP experience, which is ideal for those with limited time to shop. You can even get a private tour of the show.

MAGIC is a global showcase for contemporary luxury brands

MAGIC is a global showcase for the best and most innovative brands in fashion. The event will showcase the newest and best in fashion at the largest trend show in the United States. MAGIC will feature the hottest new brands and best sellers across all categories, including men's, women's, and children's apparel. The show will feature curated activations, educational sessions, and celebrity and fashion authority appearances.

MAGIC is a multi-day trade show that brings together the top fashion industry players. The event draws over 60,000 industry insiders to Las Vegas twice a year. MAGIC showcases the world's most extensive collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories. With more than 85 years in business, MAGIC continues to move fashion forward around the world. MAGIC also features the latest products and brands and 10 international communities to help buyers make the right buying decisions.

MAGIC is the country's premier fashion sourcing event. MAGIC Las Vegas attracts the most influential buyers and designers in the industry. The show also features an international section, PROJECT, which showcases the latest in contemporary fashion and lifestyle. MAGIC Las Vegas also features a men's section, MAGIC MENS, which focuses on men's lifestyle apparel, classic collections, and sportswear.

MAGIC is a one-stop shopping experience

As the premier global fashion trade show, WWDMAGIC has something for every woman's style and budget. From top designers to the latest products, this show features an endless aisle of fashion and beauty brands. The show will showcase the latest trends and create a community around each brand. In addition to this, the event will also feature educational programming and retail buyers can explore the entire library of shoppable editorials.

The show's innovative format offers fashion lovers an integrated platform for inspiration, information and connection. Visitors can take personalized journeys through curated communities and access to cutting-edge educational seminars, matchmaking programs, and intelligent tech-infused tools. MAGIC also offers opportunities to meet industry heavyweights through no-barriers Q&A panel sessions with global experts. Big-name talent will be on hand to give attendees the chance to meet the designers and buyers behind the brands they love.

MAGIC is a high-end event

The WWDMAGIC is a highly curated showcase of women's fashion, contemporary sportswear, footwear, and accessories. The tradeshow is held twice a year and draws over 70,000 fashion industry insiders. The focus of the show is on collaboration, as there are numerous seminars and events focused on the upcoming trends and sustainable commerce. A unique and immersive shopping experience is created for both the tradeshow buyer and the industry.

MAGIC will also include a Marketplace. This marketplace will be held from Aug. 21 to 24 and will be concentrated at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay. MAGIC also includes the Sourcing in the Americas Summit, which takes place Aug. 21. Both events will have a high-end feel, with a focus on women's apparel. The new look of the show will feature bold, colorful initiatives, new 8-ft. walls, stylish signage, and a sleek, contemporary showfloor.

WWDMAGIC features the most sought-after brands and up-and-coming designers. The event also features trend-driven presentations by industry influencers and the latest business and fashion trends. The WWDMAGIC event offers buyers a one-stop-shop for their favorite brands and products, and enables buyers to save costs by shopping local. It is a great way to meet the key players in the industry and make valuable connections.

MAGIC has a new look and feel

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MAGIC has a new African Pavilion

MAGIC, the largest biannual trade show for the global retail fashion industry, has a long history of keeping pace with trends and enhancing its showfloor offerings. The upcoming edition of MAGIC in Las Vegas is set to introduce a new African Pavilion as well as a refreshed women's fashion showcase. MAGIC, which is owned by UBM Fashion Group, attracts tens of thousands of attendees from over 80 countries and features more than 5,300 exhibitors across 998,845 square feet of exhibition space.

The African Pavilion was initially planned to have a show titled "The Heartbeat of Africa," which would trace the history of Equatorial Africa. The show would be narrated by a traditional storyteller. Then guests would exit the pavilion and walk into performers performing traditional music and dance. Another attraction planned for the pavilion is the "Sound Safari" exhibit, which is a 3-D, lush walk-through experience.

The Senegal pavilion featured Neolithic pottery and contrasting it with the paintings of expressionists such as Bou Diouf and Papa Didi Diop. The pavilion was also filled with photos of Senegal's various regions. The pavilion's theme, "A Land of Sunshine and Dialogue", was especially fitting, given the country's reliance on peanuts and palm oil.

MAGIC has a new women's fashion showcase

The highly anticipated MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a new addition: a women's fashion showcase. The event will feature more than 60,000 industry professionals and vendors displaying the latest trends and styles. Attendees will be able to choose from a wide variety of products and services, and enjoy one-stop shopping. There are many reasons why MAGIC has gained such a reputation.

MAGIC Pop Up Orlando and OFFPRICE, two women's fashion events that will be held side by side in 2021, are expected to draw hundreds of buyers and sellers. The three events will feature appointment-driven networking, early hours for at-risk buyers, and curated assortments from a wide range of price points. MAGIC also will feature educational sessions by industry experts.

The new event will be organized by Informa Markets, the same company that organizes Coterie and Project. It will debut Sept. 19-21 at the Javits Center and cater to different categories. The new show will feature women's, children's, and trend markets, as well as brands from other trade shows. This expansion will allow MAGIC to become a hub for emerging and mid-size designers and brands.