Lux Beauty Boutique Edenvale


The Lux Beauty Boutique in Edenvale, near Belgravia, is a one of a kind shop. It is one of the premiere beauty boutiques in the entire world. The building itself is inspired by the beautiful palaces and churches and even has its own gold and diamond coating. This shop is modeled after the famous French lavender, and the products are all natural and organic.

One can find everything from body care products to skin care products in the store. It offers luxurious styling solutions for both men and women. There are also soaps and bath salts for those times when you just need a quick pampering. There are soaps that can be used throughout the year, or just for special occasions, and this shop offers those too.

You will be very impressed by the line of products offered in this shop. It has a wide variety of items from makeup, to fragrances, to health and body care. This shop offers a large variety of products, so that everyone can find something they enjoy. They offer a special section for children's products, and it caters to their needs perfectly.

The owner of Lux Beauty Boutique, Desiree Soto, started this shop with her friend, Francine Boucher, when they wanted to start an alternative outlet for high quality cosmetics in a trendy town like Edenvale. They wanted to offer top of the line, natural beauty products. They found several suppliers and decided to launch their own brand of products. They offer some really exciting lines, and the prices are affordable for everyone. They offer products from brands like Juicy Couture, Maybelline, and Urban Decay, as well as a wide selection of specialty products.

Soto is originally from Spain, and she brings a fresh perspective to her stores. She grew up in the countryside and has lived in Paris and New York, so she knows how she wants her customers to feel when they come into her store. She knows that each customer should be treated with kindness and respect, because they are the ones who will probably be parting with their money. She hopes to bring a renewed feeling of happiness to her customers, and to make them want to return to her shop.

Today, Lux Beauty Boutique offers over 40 different kinds of makeup, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. They also offer a huge variety of products for skin care, hair care, body care, and fragrance. If you are looking for something special, or you want to feel pampered, this is the perfect shop to go to. They have also added an in-store bakery, so you can enjoy delicious specialty cookies, breads, and other treats, while you're looking great.