LuLaRoe Consultant Business


Are you looking to start a LuLaRoe consultant business?

Most women love shopping. Most women want to have kids and be able to take care of them all day. But what about single moms? How can a single mother alternate between providing funds to raise her family, and still be there physically for her children? Nobody can be physically present in two different places, but LulaRoe allows each single mother to achieve her dreams while still providing all the time and affection her kids may need.

On a more general note, LulaRoe is a retail supply company selling wholesale clothes, created by Deanne Stidham, a single mother who had long faced the struggles of being away from her children because of her job. Finding a way to gain money from home, she started by selling liquidated clothes that belonged to end of season collections. This basic idea was the foundation of the currently known company, LulaRoe, where Stidham united with other women in her situation, all selling clothes in their respective houses to their friends, acquaintances, and clients.

The brand mainly sells leggings, dresses, and shirts. LulaRoe has also expanded to sell wholesale clothing by consultants online. LulaRoe has expanded exponentially over the previous years, reaching a peak 1 billion $ of sales in 2016, and is still expected to expand in the years to come.

Many opportunities await LulaRoe admirers, as the company allows people to join either by joining the selling trend, or by hosting a pop-up boutique, or even becoming a consultant.

In order to join the movement, you are expected to work hard and to study the market and the economic options to sell better. You should initially spend between 4.500 and 6,000 $ to get an inventory. You should also prepare for paying straight from your pocket the initial fees of the first orders, including shipping fees, delivery fees ... Joining LulaRoe may be expensive at first, but it is rewarding in the long term as many consultants who joined the company have confirmed. In fact, one consultant has already affirmed that Lula Roe has allowed her to pay all her education loans, and has helped her provide good standards of living for her children.

However, joining LulaRoe is not just about the money. If you're in just for the money, you're not doing it right. LulaRoe has first seen the light because of a dream, a motivation, and you should share this mindset with the rest of the consultants in order for you to be inspired. You should follow your passion, and convince yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind on by relying on the Pygmalion effect. In a more simple way, you should believe in yourself, and believe in the company which will allow you to fix your busy schedule, especially if you have children waiting for you at home. It is all in the mindset, not of the profit that you gain but of what you want to achieve.

LulaRoe is a business like any other, but when you think about it twice, it is one of the only companies that create freedom for their employees.