Lonca Apprentices Share Their Journeys With the Company


During their training, an apprentice of Lonca uses various resources to learn modern technologies. The course also includes a project that the apprentice develops. When the project is completed successfully, it becomes the apprentice's journey. Turkish entrepreneur Armagan Amcalar created the company after successfully organizing several workshops and assisting many engineers in the software industry. Now, he plans to create a sustainable structure for the company by involving experienced developers and including them in the training process.

Merve is a software developer at Lonca

Before joining Lonca, Merve spent 6 years working in a non-software company. She was looking to move into the software industry as a back-end engineer, but found that she preferred working in the front-end. After extensive research, she came across Lonca and decided to continue her career as a front-end developer. Since then, she has worked professionally in the software industry for the last two years, and has been an active member of Lonca since 2015.

The Lonca.co program is a software engineering program that follows the software craftspersonship movement. The focus is on developing industry-quality skills and creating a software culture of the future. The school's mission is to help women become software engineers by providing them with the necessary training to succeed. The school emphasizes educating female software developers because women are underrepresented in the field. In addition to training software engineers, the organization also assists women in obtaining certifications, working in tech companies and building their own startup.

While studying at Hacettepe University, Merve found a love for computer programming, and graduated from the database programming department. She later shifted to computer engineering. She joined a computer club in high school and served as its president for a year. She then tried working as a backend engineer, but soon switched to the frontend. She has since become a member of the Linux Summer Camp and the Nimble Turkey community.

Gulistan is a software engineer at Lonca

As a female developer, Gulistan was interested in technology and decided to pursue a career in software. After several years in the non-technical sector, she was looking for a new challenge and discovered Lonca, a software engineering academy founded by Armagan Amcalar. After taking the course for a year, Merve completed an internship with edelkrone, which led her to become a software engineer herself. Today, Merve is actively participating in Lonca and helping other female software developers achieve their dreams.

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The Swiss-based company plans to begin a phase I study in the first half of 2021 using Lonca in combination with R-CHOP chemotherapy. The drug's CD19 target is clinically validated and the company has applied for priority review status from the FDA. Lonca is a humanized monoclonal antibody. It targets tumors by binding to CD19 and releasing a PBD-based warhead.

In May 2019, the FDA will start a six-month review of Lonca. The drug's action date is 21 May 2019. The company hopes to have Lonca on the market by the end of 2021, and it will cover 90% of DLBCL specialists in the US. It will be the first drug approved for patients with advanced-stage DLBCL. The drug's approval may boost the company's stock price and the value of its stock.

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