LiveAuctioneers Review - How to Make Money Selling Vintage Items on LiveAuctioneers


I've never won an auction but I've certainly watched them and wondered how much they cost. I scoured to see how much I could earn by selling vintage items, and I was surprised to see that some auctions cost less than eBay. In my first auction, I spent just under $100, and the total was over $800. Live auctions appeal to me in a number of ways, and I've gotten some pretty incredible stuff through the site.


Millions of people around the world tune in to LiveAuctioneers every day to view live bidding action from over 5,000 premier auction houses and galleries in 69 countries. The leading provider of live online auctions for fine art, LiveAuctioneers also pioneered the use of mobile technology and launched the first live-auction bidding app for the Android platform. Through the LiveAuctioneers app, consignors and auction houses can share and promote their property to a worldwide network of auction houses.

The site offers millions of unique items for bidders to browse through. Items range from vintage black-and-white photos to midcentury modern furniture. Employees of LiveAuctioneers are also entitled to a 20% discount on selected items. LiveAuctioneers also provides their employees with $50 to spend on holiday gifts. But despite these perks, LiveAuctioneers is not for everyone. As with any auction website, customers should be aware of LiveAuctioneers' reputation and policies before making a bid.

Getting started with LiveAuctioneers is a breeze. There are several ways to begin collecting, including browsing curated auctions, searching for auctions near you, and setting up keyword search alerts. Customers can bid, search, and win auctions to purchase items that appeal to them. Alternatively, they can consign a specific item for sale and share it with friends. This will give them the advantage of getting the goods they want at the right price.

Bidding is quick and convenient with LiveAuctioneers' online bidding option. Unlike traditional auction services, liveAuctioneers lets you place bids at the same time as the auction happens. Online bidding allows you to place your maximum bid and review the auction results from multiple sources. You can also bid from your mobile device. LiveAuctioneers also provides the ability to send customized invoices within minutes of the auction ending. And if you sell online, LiveAuctioneers will receive automated payment notifications from PayPal.

Catalog Sale

Before you can begin creating a Live Auctioneers Catalog Sale, you must upload your catalog. To do so, visit the Auctioneers homepage, click the 'Pre-Auction' button, and then choose a date for your sale. On the items tab, click 'Choose File' to upload your catalog. Select an Excel file and then click the 'Upload Items' button.

Once you have added your catalog, you'll need to create an auction ad for it. You can create an ad for your catalog or upload a picture of the item. You'll then select a cover lot and up to five featured lots. To publish your catalog ad, simply accept the terms and payment. Then, wait for the auction to begin. Featured lots appear in search results a week before your auction.

If you'd like to make a bid on an item, you must read the auction listing carefully. Make sure you're aware of the expected bid increments. If you bid lower than expected, you can withdraw your bid. If you'd like to bid higher, you can always try another method. In this case, you'll have to be more patient. Eventually, you'll win the item. Ultimately, your bid will be the best one.

If you decide to bid on an item in a Live Auctioneers Catalog Sale, you'll receive the information and images before the auction starts. The catalog also includes estimated selling prices and contact information. Registered bidders can view the catalog and leave absentee bids or wait to bid live on the day of the auction. You can even contact Live Auctioneers to clarify any questions you may have. The live auctioneers team is friendly and responsive.


To bid for items on eBay, you must be able to concentrate and follow the auction closely. Since live auctions are only two minutes long, you must bid as much as you can in that time period. In addition, bids are limited to certain increments, which are set by the auction house. Read the fine print before bidding. To be a successful bidder, you must be able to listen to the auctioneer and raise your sign when necessary.

In the past, eBay hosted one-off live auctions to promote its products. But today, the social commerce space is becoming a booming industry. By 2021, China will sell more than $131.8 billion worth of goods using livestreaming. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are already experimenting with live auctions. But eBay is the obvious choice given that it's a highly interactive experience for its users.

The biggest disadvantage of LiveAuctioneers is that the seller must set the price high enough to compensate eBay, consignors, and expenses. LiveAuctioneers' restrictions on return policies and pricing policies are incompatible with eBay buyers' habits. Thus, LiveAuctioneers sellers cannot compete with eBay sellers in price and return policies. The main reason for this is the lack of transparency on LiveAuctioneers' side.

The partnership between eBay and LiveAuctioneers is likely to benefit both sides. LiveAuctioneers is an online auction website with over 5,000 member-auctioneers. The site offers both live and timed auctions, and each auction features a number of lots. The auction photos are scrolled across the screen while competitive bidding takes place for each item. The auction ends when the highest bidder wins.

Cost of using LivePayments

Whether you're a first-time seller or an established auctioneer, LivePayments can help you accept payments from buyers. The company accepts almost every kind of credit or debit card. It also supports many other payment options, such as Bank Transfers and Zip. Credit cards usually have a flat processing fee, but some methods are less expensive. LivePayments offers fraud prevention services and can even process invoices from other countries.

In order to process your transactions, you must provide your LiveAuctioneers account number. This is required because you'll need this information to set up an account. To make a deposit, you'll need a bank account that supports ACH payments. Using this service allows you to invoice your buyers and receive payments directly from their bank accounts. To sign up for this service, you'll need to make sure your bank account is ACH enabled. The LiveAuctioneers site will contact you to confirm your account information and process your transactions.

While LivePayments are an optional payment option, the added convenience of having one place to make payments makes it a great choice for auctioneers. The live auctioneers company ships your items within 72 hours after you have approved the payment. The process is easy and convenient, which promotes repeat bidder purchases. If you're considering LivePayments for your auctions, you'll be glad you did.

Legality of live auctions

If you're selling a property online, you need to make sure that you understand and agree to the legality of live auctions. You must read the live auction seller terms and conditions before proceeding. These terms and conditions govern your relationship with LiveAuctioneers, a company, affiliate or subsidiary, which provides the LiveAuctioneers Service. These terms and conditions, as well as your listing with LiveAuctioneers, constitute a legal contract between you and the LiveAuctioneers company.

The U.S. Constitution intends that the individual states regulate auctions. These laws vary from state to state, and not all require licenses or certifications for auctioneers. However, most states have a specific set of laws governing auctions. These laws were originally based on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which still applies in many states. In addition to these laws, auctioneers must follow the rules for anti-money laundering and fraud prevention.

LiveAuctioneers restricts a number of practices related to the marketing and advertising of auctions. Sellers may not place their company name or watermark on any images or photos they post. In addition, they cannot use photos or videos that promote a business or self-promotion. The live auction company reserves the right to cancel listings or terminate their services if they believe they are being abused. While LiveAuctioneers cannot monitor all activity that takes place on its live auction site, they do enforce a number of policies that prohibit advertising, self-promotion, and other actions related to shill bidding.

A LiveAuctioneer may also seek equitable relief for breach of contract. LiveAuctioneers cannot control the quality of bidders or the identities of the consignors. Therefore, if LiveAuctioneers are unable to prevent a successful bidder from fulfilling their obligations under this Agreement, the company may seek monetary damages. This can include lost revenue and profit. There are many other legal issues that may arise, which are the responsibility of LiveAuctioneers.