• List and explain the different grades of used clothing and where to bu


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    List and explain the different grades of used clothing and where to buy them in NY and NJ.

    We are all aware of the lyrics, “I’m going to pop some tags I’ve only got $20.00 in my pocket . . .” that validated the thrift and previously owned marketplace globally. The era of, “Sex and the City,” fashionistas hasn’t ended, but options have once more graced the stage of clothiers. We can go cheap and still be trendy. So, how does Gucci transition to previously owned attire? Is there an art to the used clothing experience? The answer is simple, of course, there is. 

    Time Out, New York cited a suite of locations to approach for used clothing gigs. And, until a purchaser is seasoned in the thrift store arena, some referrals are a good thing to consider. Angel Street Thrift Shop, for instance, shares gently used designer samples and vintage treasures and benefits the Lower East Side Service Center, non-profit assisting individuals who suffer from chemical dependency, HIV/AIDS, and mental illness. AuH20 Thriftique is a funky shop that features vintage and thrift clothing and accessories that are easy on the wallet. These are a sort of boutique used clothiers and demonstrate solid previously owned quality remedies to the wardrobe pocketbook.

    Conversely, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores feature accessories, home goods, new apparel, shoes, and vintage goods. Both Goodwill and Salvation Army are clean and well-organized with easily identified merchandise, but they are also often overstocked and very large in comparison to the more boutique use clothing shops. When shopping at the boutique venues, products have most-often been a little more detailed and reviewed issues. The larger bulk reuse clothing stores are clean and well presented but the grades and quality of reuse wear differ, and shoppers have to sort through their stock to identify the best bang for their buck.

    Finding previously owned and vintage clothiers in New York and New Jersey is a search engine away. The major thrift stores, such as Goodwill Industries, are typically found in most communities so a shopper doesn’t have to travel too far to find one; however, traveling to a Goodwill store in a more expensive zip code may result in higher-quality wears. Learning the intake and output procedures is best before plunging into the city and shopping Park Avenue Goodwill. Some major reuse clothiers send their donations to a central location for cleaning, pressing, identification and disbursement – others perform this effort locally. Learn what your location does and if they are local-to-local, it is worth your while to travel to higher priced neighborhoods to get better quality products. 

    For boutiques, these are normally located in antique and novelty shop areas and/or where foot traffic is generated, and vintage is a common integer into the locality. If you don’t think vintage in the area you are researching, likely reuse clothing won’t be featured there. And, the boutiques typically go “picking” for their products. Instead of you having to search online marketplaces, other thrift stores, and flea markets – these shop owners do it for you. They have an “eye” for the quality you’ll appreciate. Oftentimes, if you have a desired look/feel to a future outfit from previously owned clothing or era pieces, you can tell these shop owners and they’ll find them for you. They also typically have folks who pick for them – they are modern day treasure hunters. While a list could help narrow down sources – the best thing to do is to identify what type of previously owned / vintage store you want to work with. Then seek one out that fits your niche’ and get to know the proprietor. This is truly a know the business-owner type of shopping experience. 

    Most of all have fun! Clothing is radical no matter the era – so embrace the festival of clothing.