List and describe 10 different Tally Taylor dresses


List and describe 10 different Tally Taylor dresses

Peplums, blazers, hats and bows raising the feminine grace of a woman is the unique selling point of Tally Taylor dresses- Make you feel pretty both inside and out! Most hot selling from the Tally Taylor dress collection are the church suits. Usher suit collection will definitely make every woman look different with an added flawless charm and elegance. Conservative styles can be extremely stylish too and the Tally Taylor dresses are the definition of that style which is known to only charming ladies.

Tally Taylor dresses are popular for solid colors and graceful ruffles or umbrella sleeves that are sure to make heads turn. The motto of every Tally Taylor collection is to highlight the feminine finesse and delicacy and bring out the hidden charisma to the world out there.

There are definitely so many reasons to choose these dresses from the latest Tally Taylor collection which are beyond generic gowns. We are going to list and describe 10 different Tally Taylor dresses here which are must-haves for your winter wardrobe as well as for special events and church visits!

1. This 2-piece dress suit from Tally Taylor suit Vol. 4 in style 4510 is crafted with the finest Jacquard fabric. What adds to the luxury of this suit is the rhinestone buckle at the front of the blazer. Extremely comfortable and a versatile dress, flaunt it in the office without the blazer and wear it to a party along with the jacket.

2. This is one piece dress in style 4521. A beautiful and elegant baby pink dress with a stylish flower brooch at the left side is a embodiment of pure divinity crafted to suit your cravings to look elegant and stylish at the same time. Puff sleeves and silk-look fabric make it look at the more stunning!

3. This is a 2 piece skirt suit in style 4514. Rhinestone buttons add to the beauty and sophistication of the dress. The fabric is the finest one with a smooth and flawless silk-look. Pleats at the bottom of the skirt adds to that extra needed feminine charm enough to grab eyeballs at special events! Available in black/gold, purple/ gold and white. Best accessorised with a Tally Taylor hat and a Tally Taylor purse.

4. If you want to display your love for simplicity along with an alluring look that is easy to impress at the social occasions and church gatherings, then you can’t go wrong with this one piece robe with one-of-a-kind two-tone look in style 4544. A straight and a structured look is all you want!

5. This is a two-piece mesmerising two-tone polka dots dress in style 9383. It can be worn comfortably at office or at social gatherings and events. A hollow design at the neck is sure to grab eyeballs. The yellow blazer has three quarter sleeves to keep you warm yet stylish in the fall season.

6. This pure and divine white Tally Taylor dress in style 4475 exhibits the ultimate refinement and angelic perfection. Fine silk-look fabric adds to the charm and the rhinestone brooch adds a bit of luxury to the dress, perfect enough to suit every special occasion.

7. A gorgeous and magnificent two piece and two tone skirt-suit dress in style 4505 is luxurious enough with a leatherette design-so unique and splendid at the same time! Rhinestones embedded on the skirt and the jacket increments the breathtaking charm.

8. Tally Taylor dress in style 4536 is a 3-piece skirt-suit combination in Jacquard fabric and a beautiful rhinestone buckle at the front. You can’t go wrong with this combination of black and white color. Peplum effect on the blazer is eye-catchy and trendy at the same time.

9. Again, a navy and white Tally Taylor dress with silky looking fabric and unmatchable shine and glaze is in style 4486. A two-piece dress suit with rhinestone buttons and a printed belt at the waist is a great accessory. Complete the look with a Tally Taylor purse and a navy hat!

10. You can never go wrong with a black and red classic combination and this Tally Taylor dress defines that classic trend. This is a 3-piece skirt suit in style 4480 with double layer collar and a belt with a rhinestone buckle at the waist to contour the feminine figure in a graceful manner.