Liquidity Services Inc


Liquidity Services, Inc. (LIS) is an e-commerce company that provides self-directed auction listing tools and value-added services to online marketplaces. Liquidity Services helps online marketplaces increase their profitability and efficiency by reducing costs and enhancing user experience. These services include value-added services, self-directed auction listing tools, and patents. Learn about Liquidity Services' products and services below.

Liquidity Services provides online marketplaces

Liquidity Services Inc. operates an online auction marketplace and provides inventory management and program services for government and business clients. Liquidity Services operates a network of leading e-commerce marketplaces offering over 500 product categories. The company also provides services related to asset management, program management, refurbishment, marketing and sales, buyer support, and compliance. The company's full profile can be found on the PitchBook Platform.

The company has received numerous awards, including the Vendor Excellence Award five times. The company has also been named to Forbes' list of the best-performing companies in 2012. In addition to its strong business model, Liquidity Services, Inc. has a strong management team. Its executives recently spoke to the National Center for the Middle Market to share their insights on the company's future plans. The company's growth strategy includes leveraging the power of the internet to drive sales.

Using the internet, Liquidity Services is able to connect leading global enterprises and government agencies with buyers for their surplus assets. The company has been in business for more than two decades and has predominantly been a B2B firm, selling surplus goods and services to other businesses. Liquidity Services is now experimenting with a consumer-facing business model and chose Phoenix as its first test market. Whether its products are used or new, Liquidity Services offers a solution to a global problem.

Self-directed auction listing tools

Liquidity Services, Inc. provides self-directed auction listing tools, e-commerce marketplaces and other value-added services. The company operates four segments: Retail Supply Chain Group, which helps corporations sell their surplus, GovDeals, which helps local governments sell surplus items, and AllSurplus, which is a centralized marketplace that connects commercial businesses to global buyers. Self-directed auctions are one way to make a profit in e-commerce.

Value-added services

Liquidity Services operates the largest B2B e-commerce marketplace for business and government surplus. The company offers self-directed auction listing tools, value-added services, and marketplace services. The company operates through four segments:, GovDeals, and AllSurplus. Liquidity Services' centralized marketplace connects buyers and sellers from around the world. This allows companies to maximize recovery of assets.

As an example of its value-added services, Liquidity Services utilizes a third-party vendor to screen Buyers against Restricted Party lists. This ensures that buyers are not fraudulent or otherwise prohibited from purchasing certain products. In addition to its value-added services, Liquidity Services offers a free service to all sellers. As a result, sellers benefit from an uplift of 20% in net realized yields.

In addition to managing consumer returned merchandise and overstock inventory, Liquidity Services manages seasonal merchandise and overstock products. Their Brampton distribution center processes one million units annually. Products handled include consumer electronics, do-it-yourself hardware tools, home appliances, apparel, and household items. These services can help a retailer save money while reducing operational costs. Liquidity Services also works closely with retailers to ensure that they make the most of their overstock and surplus inventory.