LiquidBidding Review


If you've been looking for a job online, you've probably come across Based in Flint, Michigan, this company generates $410,991 in annual revenues. While there's no specific salary or job description for this position, it is a fast-paced and unorganized environment. There are three different positions, with no raises, and the company is still in its early days. Nonetheless, the company's casual and lighthearted culture makes it a fun place to work.

Liquidbidding is an online auction house

In addition to serving Genesee County and the surrounding areas, LiquidBidding offers online auctions that include liquidation sales, store returns, and overstocks. You can also receive a $25 certificate for participating in an auction. There is no cash back guarantee and you're limited to two certificates per auction. You can also view items in person. To place a bid, visit the LiquidBidding website.

When you bid on an item, the auctioneer explains the details of the item. If you'd like to increase your bid, you can do so from your computer, via your phone app, or over the phone. The auction process continues until no one else bids on the item. If there's no other bidder, the item passes and the highest bidder receives it. The winning bidder then pays the final price.

Bidding on an item is transparent. A buyer bids as much as they want to purchase a certain item. A seller pays the commission fee to the auction house. The money goes to research, valuation, and promotion. The auctioneer may increase the bid a certain amount over a certain number, which is known as an increment. There is also a minimum amount for the bid to be raised.

Another popular online auction house is eBay. Unlike eBay, eBid is not free to use. Sellers get a set number of free listings per month, and are charged a percentage of each sale. However, compared to eBay, Liquidbidding offers a simple interface, free photos, and no final value fees. It also has a significantly smaller user base than eBay.

It is based in Flint, Michigan

Located in Flint, Michigan, LiquidBidding is an online auction house that serves residents of Genesee County and surrounding areas. Their online auctions feature liquidation items from overstocks, store returns, and liquidation sales. As a bonus, LiquidBidding offers $25 certificates for use at their online auctions. This certificate can only be used once per auction and there is no cash back guarantee.

It is a free application

If you're looking for a simple and efficient way to update your inventory and manage your sales, Liquid Bidding is the right app for you. This application is perfect for new and established businesses alike, and the QR scanning process it uses to verify the authenticity of each product ensures that buyers and sellers are both happy. Liquidbidding is a free application, so why not try it out?