• Liquidation Business and B-Stock Supply


    Liquidation Business and B-Stock Supply

    The online marketplace, B-Stock Supply, is making waves in the business to business (B2B) world. B-Stock Supply allows business to sell their overstock inventory to other businesses and resellers. Whether you’re a reseller or a provider, B Stock Supply may be the perfect solution for you. But first, you may be wondering: is it legit? This article will help clear up the process for you.

    First, let’s go over the difference between liquidation and wholesale. Wholesale is the sale of goods to businesses and resellers in bulk quantities, for the purpose of retail. Often, wholesalers are the middlemen that goods must go through. In contrast, B Stock Supply is a liquidation organization, which originates the bulk supplies wholesalers often buy and resell. B Stock Supply takes excess, obsolete, or overstock inventory and helps sellers turn these assets and goods into cash. Typically, retailers will sell, or liquidate, around 95% of their excess product at a loss to clear up warehouse space and free up capital. Traditionally, retailers would only negotiate these bulk deals with a handful of buyers. What makes B Stock unique is the use of technology-based solutions.

    B Stock helps retailers bypass the traditional methods by launching customized online auction marketplaces, resulting in a level playing field for all buyers competing for the inventory; no middlemen necessary. Buyers now have access to a huge array of inventory options that were previously unavailable, all at a fraction of standard retail price. As a buyer, it’s a simple way to source cheap, discounted products to resell on other platforms for a profit. As a seller, it’s perfect to quickly liquidate bulk inventory in a basic auction format. New auctions are posted frequently throughout the day.

    Sounds great, right?

    Here’s how to create an account on B Stock Supply:

    Go to http://bstocksupply.com/customer/account/create/ to create your account. You must fill in all required fields and attach a resellers’ certificate (depending on your state) before submitting. Applying is free and simple! Within one business day, you will be notified if your account is approved. There are several B Stock Supply marketplaces, so make sure you're applying to the most fitting one for you.

    If you are located outside of the United States, you may still apply, but the process is more involved. You must have access to some form of official documentation showing your purchase is for export.

    Once you have created an account and become approved, bidding is simple. Just go to any auction page and enter the highest amount you’re willing to pay.

    What you can find on B Stock Supply:

    The auctions on B Stock Supply are from all kinds of manufacturers and retailers, both small and large. Each individual action title and description details the location of the merchandise. Note that the condition of the item she vary from brand new to well worn.

    Products found on B Stock Supply include:

    - Smartphones such as Apple iPhone 7/6S/6, Samsung Galaxy S6/S5, etc.

    - Computers and Tablets from Dell, Apple, etc.

    - Video Games for platforms such as the Xbox One, PS3

    - Appliances such as showerheads, exercise machines, cleaning supplies

    - Accessories and Apparel: Hanes hoodies, Michael Kors handbags, Elizabeth Arden sunglasses, etc.

    In addition to B Stock Supply, some of the the larger companies and brands who use B Stock solutions to auction off excess inventory on their own online marketplaces include:

    - Amazon

    - Walmart

    - Best Buy

    - Lowe’s

    - Macy’s

    - Whirlpool

    Need more information? Contact B Stock Supply directly at:

    website: bstocksupply.com

    email: cs@bstock.com

    phone: +1 (866) 993-4644