Lingerie Mart Alpharetta GA


If you're looking for wholesale lingerie, you might want to check out the Lingerie Mart in Alpharetta, GA. The company is a major fulfillment center for many of the world's largest online retailers and maintains an apparel store on the Alpharetta Square. You can also purchase a variety of accessories at their store, such as robes, sleepwear, and fajas.

Lingerie Mart is a source for wholesale lingerie

Lingerie Mart Alpharetta GA is an internationally recognized wholesale lingerie distributor. The company offers a wide selection of name brand, 1st quality lingerie for retail, resale, flea market, and home party businesses. The company also serves as a fulfillment center for many of the world's most popular online retailers. Buyers from all over the world are welcome to visit the company's warehouse and check out the lingerie they are interested in.

Lingerie Mart Alpharetta GA is known for its customer service and innovative shipping department. The company carries brands such as Youmita, which is named after the founder Youmi. She is the beating heart, vision, and voice of the company, and she has invested a lot of time and energy into creating goods that are as unique as she is. Even 13 years later, Youmi's fingerprints are visible on many of the products.

The store is the largest lingerie warehouse in the USA. It has been serving consumers since 1997. The company is known for high quality lingerie at affordable prices. They also have a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any budget. Whether you need an extra-large lingerie for a special event or are looking for a special lingerie gift for a bride, Lingerie Mart Alpharetta GA has everything you need.

It is a major fulfillment center for some of the world's largest online retailers

Lingerie Mart is a wholesale distributor and a major fulfillment center for some of the top online retailers in the world. The Alpharetta, GA facility provides name brand lingerie at wholesale prices to customers in a variety of business venues, including retail stores, discount outlets, flea markets, home parties, and mass distributors. The company welcomes customers from all over the world to shop in its warehouse and enjoy the best prices in the industry.

Founded in 1997, Lingerie Mart Alpharetta GA is the largest lingerie distribution center in the United States. Today, the company serves some of the world's most popular online retailers with products that are hard to find at local retail stores. The warehouse is filled with brand-new lingerie, with labels indicating style, price, and size. Truckloads of new styles arrive at the facility on a daily basis.

It has an apparel store in Alpharetta

The Lingerie Mart is an internationally renowned wholesaler and retailer of lingerie and apparel. Its warehouse and distribution center can be visited by clients to purchase products directly from the manufacturer. The store is also open to the public Monday through Saturday, except on holidays and special occasions. The Alpharetta GA location features an extensive assortment of lingerie, underwear, and apparel products. Its mission is to offer the highest quality and selection in lingerie and apparel at competitive prices.