Lela Rose Dresses Fashion Report


Lela Rose is an American designer who makes some of the most beautiful dresses on the fashion market today. Her work is influenced by her earlier training in painting and sculpting which helps her bring new dimension and creativity to her fashion lines.

This creativity makes her dresses popular and many women want to not only wear one but own a few, not just in America but around the globe. You can find her dresses in Canada, some parts of Europe, some parts of Asia and the Middle East.

What follows is a guide to 10 of her beautiful dresses.

#1. Metallic Floral Fil Coupe Holly Sleeve Dress—We think the name is longer than the dress. Stopping at the knee, this flare silhouette sports a tasteful floral pattern design overlaid on a deep black polyester fabric. The round neckline is coupled with short sleeves and an illusion shoulder which also favors the floral print design. Great for a casual affair or just simply going out with friends for a girl’s night out evening, this dress brings quiet beauty to the woman who wears it. This dress is a great edition to any woman’s wardrobe.

#2. Pointelle Textured Knit Fit And Flare Dress—If you want simplicity with solid colored fabric, this little sleeveless, round neck number may be what you are looking for. A beautifully crafted fitted bodice with a well-tailored pleated skirt comprise this eye popping dress is conservative enough for most gatherings but still sexy enough to catch the eye of the men in the room. Its body flattering style ends at the knee leaving plenty for leg men to look at. A woman can wear this to church and not be ashamed.

#3. Floral Embroidery Dress-- Embroidery must be the latest trend in fashion as many designers have added this detail to a number of their dress lines. Lela Rose is following that trend and producing a high quality dress that will meet any date night requirement. Its round sheer neck, sleeveless arms, and embroidered floral design is bound to draw every eye in the room towards the wearer. The skirt comes down to the ankle making it the perfect choice for those women who want to keep a little mystery about them.

#4. Dotted Pattern Fitted Knit Dress—This cap sleeved round neck number ends at the knee. The body hugging silhouette sports a wonderful dot pattern that makes it perfect for the office. The wearer can feel confident, feminine even when conducting business. Designed to hug the body and show off the female figure, the wearer can be confident that she is making a fashion statement and can wear this dress straight from the office to her dinner date that evening. The dress is simple yet tasteful.

#5. Cotton Poplin Embroidered Hem Dress—This short sleeved belt tied dress is another great choice for a dinner out with friends or that special someone. The flared silhouette is accented by the small V neck and the beautiful embroidered craftsmanship. The embroidering does not overwhelm the overall look of the dress but adds the final touch in making this a great look. Stopping at the knee this dress is another fine choice in taste, elegance and modesty. A woman can feel confident in who she is when she wears this outfit.

#6. Wild Flower Stretch Cotton Claire Boatneck Dress-- Floral patterns seem to be like embroidered patterns, the next hot fashion trend. This beauty places the floral design on the bodice and waist allowing them to create an air of mystique around the wearer. The boatneck, short sleeved dress is exquisite as it allows the wearer to be understated not overly boastful about her figure. Any woman would look good in this creation and would want it to be part of their primary wardrobe.

#7. Outlined Floral Fil Coupe Scoop Neck Bodice Dress—This mid-calf length dress accentuates the woman’s figure. Combined with the scoop neckline, floral pattern makes this dress a perfect choice for those Spring or Summer events where being cool is more important. A woman can remain comfortable in this dress no matter how high the heat will go and our guess the heat will rise pretty fast when the men in the room catch a glimpse of this little cute dress. A woman can wear this outfit with confidence knowing she is dressed right for the occasion.

#8. Flocked Dot Silk Faille V Neck Full Skirt Dress—Dots are joining floral and embroidered designs as the hot fashion trend in this year’s fashion lines as this V neck, front and back, sports a host of dots throughout its design. Coming in mid-calf and the short sleeves makes this another great Spring, Summer and early Autumn dress. The pleated skirt and fitted bodice compliment the overall design and brings out the beauty in the wearer. This is a great casual date night choice. It is guaranteed to keep the wearer’s date’s eyes on her.

#9. Guipure Wave Laced Wide Strap Fitted Sheath—If a woman wants to feel alluring this is the dress to accomplish that desire. The just below the knee, sleeveless silhouette performs magically as it allows a woman to use whatever romantic personality she wants to display. Keeping a little mystery about her helps the attraction and the lace does the job as it makes the wearer look feminine and confident in whom she is. She is certain to be the center of attention at whatever affair she chooses to wear the dress to.

#10. Metallic Tweed Seamed Godet Dress—If beauty through simplicity is the wearer’s goal then that look is achieved through wearing this little number. The pleats, round neck and the knee length all combine together to create a stunning yet understated look. This is a cute dress that accentuates the woman’s natural beauty and will make her the center of attention no matter where she is. This is a dress that can be worn at most any non-formal function and it will have the wearer look like a million dollars.

There is the list of ten Lela Rose dresses. All of them beautiful in their own right and all of them a perfect fit for any woman’s wardrobe. A woman can’t go wrong in owning a Lela Rose outfit. Her dates will never take their eyes off her and she can feel feminine and confident in any Lela Rose dress.

A woman may go to her website or Amazon and find the dress that fits her lifestyle and fashion needs. You may not feel attracted to the ones highlighted her but it is assured that Lela Rose’s website and Amazon will have an outfit that appeals to just about any woman’s taste.