Leading ten Blank T-Shirt Suppliers In The USA


Wholesale Leading ten Blank T-Shirt Suppliers In The USA

There are different brands, styles materials and colors of

blank t-shirts. The United States is a leading international supplier and

manufacturer of blank t-shirts. Latest revolution in fashions has availed several


Here are the leading 10 Blank T-Shirt Suppliers In The USA

• Blank shirt wholesaler

The wholesaler has eight warehouses in the USA. It stocks a

variety of blank t-shirts brands such as Port authority, sport-tek, Port &

company, District, and galden among many others. Bulk purchases are heavily

discounted. Actually, it has over 600 brands on offer usually at less than two

dollars per piece.

• Shirt wholesaler limited

The online wholesaler has in stocks several brands of blank

t-shirts made mainly of cotton material. Some of the blank t-shirts on offer in

bulk are long sleeve, short sleeve t-shirts, infant t-shirts as well as ladies

T-shirts. The prices of the common brands range from $1.62 per piece to $ 5.

• JonesTshirts.com

The wholesaler stocks a great deal of blank T-shirts,

manufactured in USA. Purchases of the various brands can be done online. All

their t-shirts are made of cotton. The brands available are blend -t-shirt,

long and short sleeve, organic, tagless and fashion T-shirts. Prices are quite

low at less than five dollars.

• Royal apparel wholesaler

This is a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of American

made T-shirts and supplies national wide. The T-shirts are made of either

cotton or organic fabric and orders above $ 50 dollars are eligible for

shipping. The stock variety of t-shirts from short sleeve, long sleeve, galden

to ladies t-shirts.

• T-shirt wholesaler

With ten warehouses countrywide, the wholesaler stocks a

variety of blank t-shirts at a very affordable price. These are Jerzees 363 which costs as low as $

1.68 for a piece, Gildan g500 costing $ 1.72 and fruit of the loom.

• The Deal Rack

The wholesaler has a huge blank t-shirt collection. It stock

polo t-shirts, as well as women t-shirts at very affordable bulk prices. Others

include sport-tek T200, which is priced at $ 7.2, but there is a huge discount

for bulk prices. They also stock Jerzees and Gildan blank t-shirts at a low

price, actually less than three dollars.

• Jiffy shirts

The wholesaler stocks several collections at less than two

dollars per piece and for bulk purchases, the prices are certain to go lower.

These brands are adult unisex t-shirts as well as other brands such as polo and


• The Adair group

This wholesaler stocks a variety of t-shirts of different

colors. The collections it deals with are polo t-shirts, Hanes, Gildan, rabbit

as well as jerzee. The prices are also very fair with the most expensive

wholesaling at less than five dollars especially the Jerzee. The polo t-shirts

goes for as low as less than two dollars especially for large purchases.

• Alpha shirt company

The wholesaler is located in Indiana, California. It stocks

several categories of blank T-shirts at a very affordable price for bulk

purchases. These include, styles such as long sleeve t-shirts, and brands such

as Gildans, polo, and Hanes as well as Jerzees. They prices are often given on


• Alstyle apparel & active wear

This is a registered dealer of Gildan brand of t-shirts, and

as a result has one of the best prices for that brand. Prices are provided on

ordering and for large purchases, shipping is offered. The t-shirts come in

different colors and styles from long sleeve to short sleeve.