LA Showroom is one of the world’s largest online wholesale marketplaces for men’s, women’s and children’s wholesale fashions. It is one of the best ways for fashion designers and apparel manufacturers to connect with buyers from all across the globe. LA Showroom makes the buying experience incredibly easy, which is why retailers love purchasing from the manufacturers and wholesalers featured on the site. Serving as a virtual showroom, buyers can track the latest fashion trends and place orders from multiple sellers through one convenient account. Free registration is a huge plus as it allows buyers and vendors the opportunity to promote their products and connect with the market with no additional cost. Registration is offered to any and all registered wholesale buyers or vendors.

In addition to being incredibly buyer and customer friendly, is navigable and user-friendly. The site looks stylish and professional splitting up clothing information into categories for women, men, and children. Each category features several subsections where site visitors can locate the exact type of wholesale clothing they are looking for. Drop down menus allow buyers to comb through the site with relative ease based on brand, style, clothing article or accessory. The site even features tabs for Editor’s Picks, Most Popular trends and items, Specials and a special section for new members to get started on their LA Showroom shopping adventure. Visitors can also search for a specific clothing store if they’re looking for clothing by certain brands or designers, with featured shops presented on the home page. All listings are complete with photographs, descriptions and easy-to-locate pricing information which allows potential buyers access to any information they might need about an article of clothing before placing an order.

As mentioned previously, the site hosts different pages for specific stores, vendors, and manufacturers. Though you must be a registered user in order to access information on pricing and styles, vendor home pages also feature images and categories of clothing depending on the style. For example, dresses are broken down into mini, midi, maxi, etc., which prevents users from having to sort through unnecessary items to get to the ones they want. Vendors also include descriptions of their design aesthetic in addition to contact information if buyers are looking to get in touch.

LA Showroom also offers easy-to-locate contact information underneath the Contact Us’ page at the bottom of the home page. Located at 110 E 9th Street #B1111 in Los Angeles, CA, the LAshowroom website even breaks down their contact information based on whether you’re a buyer or manufacturer or, depending on whether it’s order support, technical support or general customer service that is needed. There are also comprehensive directions under each section that instruct site visitors on how to best get in touch with LA Showroom with any questions, comments or concerns. They also offer a general contact form through which members can reach out with any questions not answered on the FAQ page. Overall, is the perfect site for designers and vendors to connect with potential buyers from all over the world.