KKAMI - Korean Fashion at an Affordable Price


Ludo and two business associates from Korea founded KKAMI to help 100+ Korean brands reach a global audience. The company sources from other Korean brands and sells their fashion products on the English wholesale market. Ludo and Yuna founded the company after realizing that they could not meet the demand for their designs at their native country. They decided to start selling fashion items to the international market and were inspired to create KKAMI.


If you are looking for stylish, affordable clothes that will make you look great, look no further than Kkami Clothing. Founded in Korea, this brand's unique style and high-quality materials have made it a favorite among many Korean women. This brand also sells souvenirs like hadiah, lucu, and unik. You'll be delighted with the selection available. And with over 1,000 designers from Korea, you're sure to find something you'll love.

While Stylenanda is known for its high quality apparel, many pieces are made by independent designers and are marketed under their own brand name. You'll find styles for women, men, and children starting from under $20. There are both premium and budget options for every budget. Here are some of their most popular pieces:

Kore Limited

A popular Korean brand, Kore Limited brings a bit of Korean culture into their clothing. Their unique designs and quality makes their clothing stand out. When you wear one of their clothes, you will get tons of compliments and turn heads. You can also find a lot of other branded clothes in Korea, but they are definitely worth checking out. So how do you choose what to buy? Keep reading to discover how to pick the best Kore Limited clothing for yourself.

The Imperial Seoul Tee from Kore Limited is an excellent example of a high-quality streetwear shirt. It is available in black, light blue, and mint. The front of the shirt has the words 'Seoul, Los Angeles,' whereas the back has a Taeguk design. The Taeguk design represents the balance of the universe and is a symbol of Korea in both Buddhism and Confucianism.


If you are looking to buy some authentic Korean clothing at an affordable price, StyleupK is the website to visit. While some of the brands featured here are unbranded, you can still find some of the best pieces of clothing from this region. You can buy male and female clothes, and you can choose from street fashion and well-known Korean brands. But what exactly is Kkami Clothing? What is the difference between a Korean clothing brand and a non-Korean one?

StyleupK is based in Singapore, so its prices are listed in Singaporean Dollars. However, you can view the prices in your own currency as well. For orders over $100 SGD, shipping is free. Shipping prices under that amount are only $5 or $10, depending on your shipping method. If you are ordering an item from outside of Singapore, international express shipping is a relatively quick and inexpensive option. If you purchase more than $250 SGD, international express shipping is free.


If you're in the market for Korean menswear, you should consider Yesstyle Kkami Clothing. The South Korean clothing company offers essential pants, coats, dress shirts, and other easygoing pieces. Its collection also includes accessories, cosmetics, pet clothing, and art goods. Yesstyle is one of the most popular shopping malls in Korea. Despite being based in South Korea, the website is available in English, Chinese, and Russian.

In addition to men's fashion, Yesstyle stocks hundreds of other brands, as well. However, the quality can vary wildly. Although Kooding and Yesstyle stock similar styles and prices, the latter are higher quality. Generally, you can find good quality clothing at a good price on Yesstyle. If you're not into Korean clothing, you can check out Gmarket, 11 Street, and Mixxmix as well.

You can even mix and match the warnas with a contrasting color. You can wear a cream-colored baju with a dark green or blue blazer, for instance. These colors complement each other well and will add an extra touch of class to your outfit. If you'd like to look trendy, opt for a baju berwarna putih. You can also opt for a blazer or a kemeja in a bold hue.

The selection of Korean clothing is vast, so the site is perfect for first-timers or people already familiar with Korean fashion. Although the variety can be overwhelming, yesstyle is a great place to find inexpensive clothing without going broke. And you can use discount coupons to further lower the cost. You'll also get a chance to earn rewards for your purchases. Yesstyle's discount coupons also allow you to get even better deals.


If you are interested in purchasing clothing designed by Korean designers, then you should check out Justone. This brand specializes in women's clothing and has a unique catalogue that will impress you. Justone clothing is different from other clothing brands because it is designed to be more classy, yet affordable. It offers casual, semi-formal, and even eveningwear. Justone is an excellent choice for those looking to find a new style that is both affordable and elegant.