Jimvettehobby.com and Best of Vette Vues Magazine


Jim vettehobby's website is one of my favorite resources for Corvette enthusiasts. In addition to his website, I read articles from Corvette Mike Vietro and Best of Vette Vues magazine. I'm excited to explore these sources, and hopefully, someday I'll be able to own a Corvette. But until then, I'm content to browse the site and find out what else is out there.

Corvette Mike Vietro

Corvette fanatics will be delighted to learn that a former gas station attendant turned professional car broker is headed to Everett, Massachusetts, to visit his successful Corvette Mike's dealerships. Vietro, who runs several dealerships across the country including one in Carver, Mass., is considered the world's foremost authority on vintage Corvettes. Since the early 1990s, Vietro has appeared on numerous television interviews and has authored several Corvette books. His passion for Corvettes is apparent in his numerous articles, video and magazine appearances.

Before starting his Corvette hobby, Vietro worked as an aerographic mate in the Marines. He left the Marines in 1978 and went to college to get a degree. While attending university in San Francisco, Vietro accompanied a friend to purchase a new car. The resulting sales pitch led to a job at the Toyota dealership, and he soon purchased a 1978 Corvette. It changed the course of his life.

A Corvette has long been a fixture in American culture. It is the only sports car with both looks and performance. And, as a bonus, it has great gas mileage. A new Corvette can achieve a highway mileage of 30 miles, and an urban range of fifteen to eighteen miles. Corvettes also deliver a satisfying driving experience. The car's cool exterior, sleek lines and powerful engine have made it an icon for American culture.

Best of Vette Vues magazine

Best of Vette-Vues is a Corvette enthusiast magazine published since 1972. Issues include model car reviews, restorations, racing results, technical info, and classified ads. The magazine also has Corvette T-Shirts available for sale. The magazine is a must-have for Corvette fans! Get your copy today! Founded by James Prather, Vette-Vues has grown into an industry standard!

This special 35th anniversary collector edition of Vette-Vues showcases people, companies, and events that have helped make the Corvette hobby what it is today. This magazine is available at your local bookstore or in a used copy from eBay, and shipping costs are considerably less in Canada. You can also purchase Best of Vette-Vues magazines on eBay. The price is slightly higher, but the shipping is cheaper in Canada.