Is Wholesale R & M Richards Plus Size Printed Lace Dress with Jacket Already on Your Shopping List?


Welcome to the era of plus size women with their most stylish looks! Gone are the days when they only opted for black gowns to hide their flaws. Decades ago, choices of outfits for plus size women are too limited, as they preferred to have customized full length nylon gown with dark colors. Now, popular designers are ready to introduce their state-of-the art dresses for plus size women to reveal their true charm. Let's say that women with bigger size are now feeling confident with spandex dresses, though they still need lovely jacket to hide their flaws, like arms and shoulders. R & M Richards plus size printed lace dress with jacket is one of the best outfits that delivers total comfort, thanks to its top-notch quality fabrics. 

Polyester and spandex are the main fabrics of the jacket and dress. For sure, they need careful maintenance. Its beaded neck delivers a slimmer look to users. The lace long sleeves add the charm of users, who can still feel confident and comfortable, instead of wearing a sleeveless dress. Particularly for wholesale R & M Richards plus size printed lace dress with jacket, it is available in various lengths. Some women prefer the knee-length dresses, while others may feel more comfortable with the full-length design. 

What makes the lace dress with jacket by R & M Richards is the variety of the necklines. Among the most popular option is the V-neckline which is the best cut for plus size women. Yet, other choices include sweetheart or scoop neckline. As always, there are massive arrays of colors when it comes to wholesale R & M Richards plus size printed lace dress with jacket. The classic black is still there, though some plus size women may want to add their wardrobe collections with more bold colors like burgundy, pink, red or even gold.