Is eBay Authentication The Future Of The Wholesale Business?


eBay, in conjunction with Sneaker Con, will be authenticating all collectible sneakers that sell for $100 or more.

While eBay, so far, is limiting its authentication services to high end watches and sneakers, this might be the direction that the auction marketplace, as well as Amazon, and other online retailers, will be moving towards.

This should serve as a reminder to wholesalers and retailers, to always make sure to purchase only authentic and genuine merchandise. You can ensure that you are purchasing original merchandise by buying directly from the brands, or from companies that purchase directly from the brands, or from third party sellers that can guarantee that their merchandise is original. 

You should always third party sellers, as well as wholesalers and retailers, to verify where and how they purchase their merchandise.

If you come across brand name merchandise, and you are unsure over its authenticity, you can always contact the brand directly and ask them to ascertain the authenticity of the products that you are considering purchasing.