Is Bidsquare a Scam?


The latest bidding platform to hit the internet is called Bidsquare. The website connects buyers and sellers with top auction houses and offers free data on underbidders and overbidders. However, is Bidsquare really worth the money? Is it a scam? Read on to learn more. Let's begin with a brief review of the site. In addition, I'll explain why I don't recommend it.

Bidsquare is a new online bidding platform

Six of the most prominent auction houses have joined forces to launch Bidsquare, an innovative new online bidding platform. Bidsquare will connect buyers and sellers directly, providing easy access to a broad range of top property. Bidsquare is a free service for users, and it will include a database of non-paying bidders. Users will be able to browse items, make bids, and register to bid. It also will let users search through property on Bidsquare without leaving their website.

When bidding, you'll have to verify your identity with your social security number, email address, and password. Most auctions require that you submit ID to ensure that you're the owner of the item. Once you've done this, you can then begin bidding. Once you're approved, you can place absentee or live bids. Bidsquare can also help you find items that meet your budget.

Bidsquare offers thousands of items, including fine art, sculptures, folk, tribal, and works-on-paper. Other items include furniture, bookcases, lamps, desks, decorative arts, Asian works of art, watches, and more. You can search for items by region and location. Bidsquare also allows sellers to list upcoming events. If the item you're looking for is not listed, you can search the full list of sellers in your area.

Bidsquare is an innovative online bidding platform that connects auctioneers, buyers, and sellers. With hundreds of auction houses, dealers, and galleries, Bidsquare helps users to find and bid on an impressive selection of items. Using the service is free, and members have access to an extensive database of auction records. With hundreds of auctions every month, you're sure to find something unique.

It connects buyers and sellers with leading auction houses

In an increasingly competitive world, you can now connect buyers and sellers through a single platform through which you can easily search, bid and buy from top-tier auction houses. With the help of this online platform, you can find items of rare quality and value at affordable prices. Its database of over 600,000 auction records is searchable and free. The auction houses can even reach out to you if you have a particular item in mind.

The auction industry is notoriously difficult to navigate, and the sheer volume of online material can be daunting. Thankfully, Bidsquare is filling a void by connecting buyers and sellers with quality, vetted items. The company recently added two auction houses to its membership: Heritage Auctions in Dallas and Keno Auctions in New York. Other long-standing members include Morton Auctioneers and Appraisers, Skinner in Boston, and Shapiro Auctions in New York.

Once you have logged in to Bidsquare, you can search for items by category, auction house or category. You can create a watchlist, follow specific auctions, share your finds on social media, and work with the auction specialists employed by the founding firms. Bidsquare also lists inventory from outside auctioneers, as well. The company says it offers sellers lower prices than competing websites. Sellers who sign up for Bidsquare receive free access to data on nonpaying bidders.

With the help of Bidsquare, auction houses can now sell and buy properties from their own websites. The auction site also records past auctions and helps buyers and sellers research average prices. The company has a history of success and has even begun to expand internationally with Roseberys London in the UK. And it's growing fast - just as the auction market itself. It's now easier than ever to sell and buy on Bidsquare!

It's a scam

If you've been on BidSquare, you've likely seen ads for big-ticket items, including new cars. But there are also plenty of scammers lurking in the bid sheets, waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Some of these scammers use fake profiles to bid on items, pushing the price up and disappearing once they've received the payment. Don't be fooled! There are several ways to spot a scam.