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If you're planning on buying a rare book from an auction site, is the place to go. Not only does this site feature a huge variety of books, but it also charges a small 5% commission on top of the 18.9% buyers premium charged by Kerleys. Invaluable offers a number of ways to pay for your purchases, and many of the auction houses accept PayPal and credit cards. You'll need to review the terms and conditions to learn how to pay.

Invaluable is a leading online auction marketplace

Invaluable is one of the leading online auction marketplaces that connects millions of clients with the finest auction houses. The site features thousands of beautiful items for auction at incredible prices. You can bid on and buy items in real time and find one that catches your eye. Listed on the homepage are various categories to choose from. To find the items that you want, you can narrow down your search by category, date, or item type.

The payment method for Invaluable depends on the participating auction house. Some auction houses prefer check payments or cash while others accept PayPal or credit cards. Payment instructions are usually included with invoices. However, some auction houses do not accept payments online. If this is the case, it may be easier to use another payment method. Invaluable partners with several auction houses to guarantee that successful bidders do not pay more than they would on the auction floor.

To register for an account, you must click on the Register to Bid link on the Invaluable website. Once you have an account, you can view the available items and bid on them. To register for an account, you need to enter an email address and password and provide any other information requested. Once you have confirmed your information, click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the registration page. Invaluable will then review your bid request.

It offers live and timed auctions

There are two different types of auctions available on Invaluable: live and timed. Each type is associated with a different icon: Live is the clock-like icon, while Timed is the internet signal strength icon. Bidders on Live auctions can see their bids while they are still in the bidding process, and Timed users can watch auctions as they happen. For both types, the maximum bid is the price they are willing to pay.

There are two different ways to shop for an item on Invaluable: live and timed auctions. Before the live auction, you can place an absentee bid, allowing you to jump into the action before the auction begins. During the live auction, you gain access to the online bidding console, so you can bid at your convenience. Invaluable also offers a number of fixed price items.

Invaluable is committed to cultivating an environment that is safe and secure. For example, Invaluable has an U.S. Utility Patent on its online bidding technology. It also maintains the highest standards for data protection, user experience, and security. Invaluable also works with leading global payment partners and boasts the lowest non-payment rate in the industry. The company also has a 100% success rate in auto-charging credit cards.

It charges a 5% commission on top of the 18.9% buyers premium at Kerleys

In the world of real estate, a buyer's premium is the percentage of the final selling price that the seller agrees to pay the buyer when he or she makes an offer on a property. Kerleys' buyers premium is usually around 15%, but the actual number can be higher or lower. Kerleys also charges a flat-fee of $25 per week for storage of sold items. This fee applies to both buyers and sellers. The seller must also pay a fee if the items are delivered early or are discarded.

It has a huge collection of items for display and auction

You can browse the Invaluable site for a huge variety of rare and valuable items. Their vast selection covers many genres of art including fine arts, Asian art, porcelain and ceramics, silver and metal, historical collections, and more. They also have a section of furniture and rugs. These can be a treasure hunt in and of themselves! There is an Invaluable auction for just about anything you can imagine.

Once you've decided to make an offer, you need to register with the site. Once you do, hover over your user name and click the menu tab. From here, you can view the items you've saved in your dropbox. You can also contact the auction house or the seller directly through the message center. The site has a customer service center to answer questions and to resolve any disputes that may arise. is a leading auction site that works with some of the world's leading auction houses. Their diverse selection of products is sure to have something to match your interests. You can participate in live auctions at any time of day or night, and even bid from your desk or your couch! You can also place absentee bids ahead of time, if you so choose.

It has a database of prices

If you're interested in learning more about auction prices, you'll want to sign up for the Invaluable Price Archive. This database spans decades of auction sales and is an invaluable resource for collectors, researchers, and institutions. All you have to do to access the archive is set up an account with Invaluable. From there, you can search for items, view auction results, and even subscribe to email alerts.

Invaluable provides auction details for decorative arts, antiques, and collectibles. It also features an auctioneers directory. You can learn about upcoming auctions with Invaluable's comprehensive database of prices. The information can also help you identify lesser-known auction houses. A lot of collectors also use the Invaluable database to check out the prices of their pieces. The information provided by Invaluable is updated frequently, so you can use it for reference purposes.

Invaluable's database covers more than four million auction records. Some entries include images and bibliographic citations. The database is only available in SASB room 300. Artfact's database is not as extensive as Invaluable's, but it includes a variety of features. You can search by category, by subject, or by artist. You can even narrow down your search by medium, size, and style.

It is safe to use

Invaluable does not allow users to mine the database for information or sell, copy, store, or redistribute the Content. Users may not alter, copy, distribute, perform, display, or exploit any Copyrighted materials. Invaluable reserves all rights to the Content. If you have any doubts, please contact Invaluable for further assistance. This site may contain links to unreliable sources.