Inter Parfums Announces New Points of Sale For Caron Paris


In 1979, Moise Cohen founded Paris Perfumes Inc. as a businesswoman with little or no experience in the perfume industry. Nevertheless, she possessed a vast business background and built up a strong network of actors and local retailers. Since then, she has cultivated close ties with top French fragrance manufacturers. This business has grown into a global fragrance conglomerate.

Caron Paris

The Miami-based perfume distributor has announced the official points of sale for Caron Paris fragrances. The company is launching new fragrances for men in time for the holiday season including Pour un Homme Sport and Pour un Homme L'Impact. Each of these scents comes in a tin with an engraved tin label and a matching anthracite case.

The Caron Paris company has an impressive history. The fragrances are reminiscent of past eras and personal moments. The second oldest perfume house in the world, Caron Paris has consistently produced timeless scents that are timeless and respond to the times. The brand's first fragrances were launched in the 19th century. Aimez-Moi, which is available in limited editions, is hand painted and numbered in 24 carat gold. It retails for $488. This perfume is a modern adaptation of the iconic French scent. The brand has fragrances for men, women and children, including a men's line. The fragrance is available exclusively at Paris Perfumes Inc., 532 NW 29 St. in Wynwood, Miami.

Moise Cohen

Moise Cohen founded Paris Perfumes Inc. in 1979. The immigrant from France had a background in fashion, but little knowledge of perfumes. Fortunately, she had over 30 years of business experience and was able to use her connections to sell top brands to local retailers. She also maintained an excellent relationship with the top French fragrance makers. Ultimately, she made a success of her venture and became one of the world's top perfume distributors.

Paris Perfumes Inc.'s revenue and income per employee exceed the industry average. Its revenue growth rate from the first known quarter to the present quarter is much higher than the industry average. Its employees are paid a higher salary than the industry average. Additionally, it is able to offer free shipping and in-store support. With so much focus on fragrance, it's no wonder that Paris Perfumes Inc. is a popular brand among consumers worldwide.

Aryeh Nakache

The founder of Paris Perfumes Inc., Moise Cohen, immigrated to the United States in 1979. Although he knew little about perfumes, Cohen quickly grew to become a key member of the organization. As a businessman, Moise had extensive experience in marketing brand names. He worked to create a network of actors in the local community and develop relationships with top French fragrance manufacturers.

Private label perfumes

Paris Perfumes Inc. was founded in 1979 by Moise Cohen, who was interested in the perfume industry but was not knowledgeable about the process. However, he did have 30 years of business experience and began selling brands of perfume to local retailers. He established a strong network of local actors and established a relationship with top French fragrance manufacturers. He remained passionate about this industry, and today it continues to thrive.

A private label perfume manufacturer has access to a wide range of ingredients to create its signature fragrance. The range of fragrances available at Parisperfumes Inc. includes luxury perfumes and fragrances for home and body. Using this wide selection of ingredients and a customized approach, perfumers can create scents that suit their individual tastes and lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a luxury brand or an inexpensive, affordable fragrance, you'll find it here.

Partnership with Life is Art

Inter Parfums is currently working on strategic advancements under two well-established fragrance brands, Donna Karan and DKNY. It is preparing to roll out new fragrances under these brands by 2023. This partnership is positive for the company, which has successfully launched the top 25 fragrance in the United States, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, and DKNY Be Delicious. In addition, Inter Parfums continues to expand its portfolio of licensed and owned fragrance brands by establishing strategic alliances and partnerships. Its goal is to establish itself as the world's most successful omni-channel organization through these partnerships.

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