Instagram Can Explode Your Retail Sales


Instagram, the social media platform owned by Facebook, can explode your sales.

Instagram is a visual centric social media website, which means that the focus is on pictures and videos.

You can easily upload pictures and videos of your products, and share links to those pictures and videos throughout your social media world.

You will want to "follow" people who are potential customers, this way they will check out your Instagram page, and hopefully follow you as well.

If you post exciting pictures and videos, and upload content on a regular basis, you can build a large base of followers.

These followers can see your content when they log in to their Instagram accounts.

If you want the pictures and videos of your products to go viral, you need to find a humorous or controversial angle for your content that will make the content memorable. Just make sure that your Instagram content is not too silly or controversial, otherwise you can potentially turn off your customers. 

Make sure to include in your content a link to the page in which you are selling your products.

You can even build a membership site so that you can develop a community of customers who will have a long term connection to your products.

You can model this membership website as a wholesale directory, or as a forum focused on the product niche that you do business in.