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Information about General Wholesale Company

The General Wholesale Company is an American company that primarily operates in the nondurable goods and liquor business. The company has been around for over 40 years and generates $204,899 in annual revenues. It employs more than 325 people at its headquarters and in all of its locations. It also engages in importing and exporting activities. Information about General Wholesale Company salary ranges and current vacancies are available here. To apply for a job at the company, visit the official website for more details.

General Wholesale Company was founded by Robert Earl Howard, a native of Wrens, Georgia, in 1947. Initially, the company served as a spirits distributor in Atlanta, but over the years, it grew and expanded to include southern Georgia and northern Florida. Howard had a daughter, Jane, who later married William D. Young in 1963. When R.E. Howard retired in 1965, his daughter Jane Howard married William D. Young, who took over the company's management. Bill Young managed the company through its growth and expansion for years to come. Bill Young also had three sons, including Andrew, Paul and William Jr.

Financial information

The General Wholesale Company was founded on January 23, 1947, by Robert Earl Howard. The company began as a distributor of spirits in Atlanta and expanded into other cities, including Augusta and northern Florida. The Howards were married and had one child, Jane. In 1963, they married William D. Young. R.E. Howard died, and Bill took over the company's management. Bill led the company for many years as it expanded and developed. He and his wife had three sons.


The General Wholesale Company operates under the name General Wholesale Beer Company. The company has 40 years of experience in the business of wholesale trade and primarily engages in the Liquor industry and Wholesale Trade - Nondurable Goods. The company generates approximately $204,899 in revenues each year. The company employs approximately 325 people in the headquarters and around 350 across all locations. In addition to selling liquor and other nondurable goods, the company engages in importing and exporting activities.

Applications and software used by General Wholesale Company

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