How Zafira Rajan Built Ashley Jernigan's Online Boutique


When it comes to fashion, Ashley Jernigan has something for everyone. The online boutique offers everything from lingerie to bridal gowns to handbags. Ashley is a Sam Houston State University graduate who has spent the last seven years designing, creating, and selling women's wear. She's also an active member of the community at her school, and hopes to inspire other women to pursue their own dreams.

Zafira Rajan

When it comes to building an audience, Zafira Rajan knows that people want to connect with the person behind the product. That's why Zafira made sure that Ashley was an important part of the team when crafting her messaging. She invited Ashley on several check-in calls, edited the copy together, and honed in on what Ashley loved to say. In this article, we take a closer look at Zafira's methods and her process.

The first step in writing a copy for Zafira is identifying your ideal student. Ashley didn't know her ideal client before, but she talked about the women she knows in her community who ask her for advice on business, but who don't have the confidence to pursue it. Zafira helped Ashley narrow down her ideal students by talking to past students and assessing their needs and motivations.

In the first step, Zafira took Ashley's launch strategy a step further by focusing on her persona. Creating an audience's trust requires nurturing their needs outside of the program. To do that, she emphasized the importance of showing up for your audience and allowing them to get to know you. Zafira Rajan also helped Ashley establish a relationship with her audience that is based on trust and authenticity.

Ashley Jernigan

Ashley Jernigan joined the firm in 2017. She is originally from Mobile, Alabama. She graduated from the University of South Alabama (USA) in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in accounting. While at USA, she received numerous honors. She was a member of the Mitchell College of Business Dean's Award in 2016 and the National Honor Society of Collegiate Scholars. She was also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Outside of work, Ashley enjoyed exercising and reading.

Sam Houston State University

A defensive line coach at Sam Houston State University, Ashley Jernigan has coached football at the college level for more than three decades. Last season, her defensive linemen led the Southland Conference in rushing defense, total defense, and scoring defense. Additionally, her defensive linemen helped Sam Houston finish second in the nation in turnover margin and pass efficiency defense. Jernigan and her defensive linemen have earned All-Southland Conference honors four times in the last two seasons.

Other candidates running for the Texas House of Representatives include Amy K. Stephens, Ashley Jernigan, and Jared M. Kyrouac. They were elected from the Texas Legislature last year. Eliza M. Martinez and Arianna L. Pacheco are running for the state House of Representatives. Meanwhile, Dekin B. Stokes, Amanda L. Hecox, and Pacia R. Holland are running for county commissioner positions. They are the only candidates from Sam Houston State University who is running in a primary.

Online boutique

To make her online boutique successful, Ashley needed to identify her ideal students. She wanted to interview local women who asked for her advice, but did not have the resources or confidence to run a business. Then she needed to identify the points she wanted to highlight in her webinar. That's why she engaged Zafira. The resulting webinar covered these three points:

In the first installment, Ashley went too far into the negative side of her story, taking a long time to outline her struggles. Her audience didn't want to hear about those struggles, so she wanted to focus on her lessons learned. She learned how to work with manufacturers, pack her merchandise properly, and pull off insane Black Friday sales. Similarly, she learned how to make her site super searchable. With Zafira's help, Ashley's copy became more positive, more like her personality and her business.