How Your Business Can Make Money With A Membership Site


5 Causes Why Your Business Advantages From A Membership Site

A lot of the time, it's hard to know when you've done enough for your business and when you've done too much. In some ways, it's easy to get into the FOMO mindset, which is the fear of not getting to do something. So-and-So does better as an entrepreneur than you do, and you start to worry that you're not as good as them. 

FOMO is both wrong and very draining. But on the other hand, you might obtain stuck in the "good enough" mindset, which isn't very good. Because you're getting paid, your business is good enough. It's good enough because you're running it now without running yourself to the ground.

There's no need to work 80 hours a week as an entrepreneur, and I don't think that's the case at all. However, I also don't think that being lazy is a good thing to do, either at work or in your own life. Healthy, good growth is always possible. And that's why a membership site is one of the best tools for people who run an online business.

Reason #1: Your Business Will Generate Recurring Revenue

It's a big reason to have a membership site for your business because it could do your business over and over again. Members-only areas can be a way to make money for your membership site, even though not all of them have to be paid for. There are two ways to monetize your members-only area. One way to do this is to charge people to join your site every month or every year. 

Another way is to make people pay to get into different parts of your membership site (like courses or whatever you're selling). Or, you could charge a base membership fee with limited access and charge extra for more content. You could also do both. The idea is that you spend time making the content once but then keep getting paid for it repeatedly. With WordPress, too, it's all possible.

Reason #2: You can give your clients more value if you focus on them more

I think there's a lot to be said about giving freely from your knowledge without asking for anything back in return. So, why do heart-centered people do what they do? Because we like to create a difference, right? Isn't it weird that limiting access to some of your best content with a membership site can help you make your top-notch knowledge even more valuable?

That's because, on a membership site, you can take courses that build on each other. If you write a blog post or record a podcast about the same thing, you can't go very far into the subject. 

You could make some introductory courses and then build on that information to make more advanced courses. Clients will get more focused, in-depth value from it without linking to a lot of different places. Instead, everything is neatly organized on your membership site.

Reason #3: Making Your Message More Powerful

There are times when you think your words aren't getting through. Especially when you believe in the value of your message, things that ask for something from us are more important than things that don't. There are two dresses on the same rack that look very similar. One of them has a $1.50 price tag, and the other has a $1,000 price tag. It doesn't matter which one I choose. That's correct. 

The most expensive one, even if it's way out of my price range. The same specialty moves for your membership site. It permits them to concentrate their period and concentration on what you're giving them if you ask for money to get your content. A lot more they listen to you, the better off they'll be from what you're telling them.

Reason #4: Boost the Social Buzz

Social media sites have people from almost every type of business. If you want to talk about your business, this is the place for you. As your tribe benefits from your membership site, they'll be more than happy to spread the word about you on social media. It's a natural thing.

But, if your tribe is a little more stoic, there are some simple steps you can take to get more people talking about your membership site. As the word spreads on social media, you'll be able to reach even more people and get them to become fans of your business.

Reason #5: The Entire Procedure Can Be Automated

Some people might be very excited about having a membership site for their business right now. You aren't sure how this can help you avoid total burnout, but you don't think it will. You can make the whole thing happen by itself if you want to. Work starts when you decide on your best membership site ideas and build a membership site that looks great. 

Then you start making and launching your courses. From that point on, some excellent tech tools can do most of the work for you when you register, buy things, and get them back. AccessAlly, for example, is a plugin for WordPress that lets you become a member. It's made to work well with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit.

 This plugin takes care of everything from tagging to permissions to password resets to payments. But, based on your email marketing software and preferences, you might choose one of the other membership plugins for WordPress that are out there. It's essential to ensure that the plugin you choose will work well with your email marketing platform... You also like to ensure that the platform you're using can automate the essential things for you.

7 Ideas For Membership Websites To Improve Your Membership Experience

Then, make a good impression

People interested in your program will be able to try out some of the benefits for free to see if it's right for them. They could be blogs, podcasts, videos, or other content types that aren't paid for, like videos or blogs. The free samples should be done very well and very well. There should be even more material for members to read.

Example: Code School

Code School is built to help the learner grow. People who sign up for a paid membership get a lot of educational opportunities, but they also have a subtle way for people who aren't sure about it yet. Take a look at the Free Account. The content is still gated and private, but it only takes a small amount of time and effort to access it. If you use a tool like AccessAlly for WordPress, you can quickly set up this free membership in exchange for an email address.

The benefit is that people who aren't sure can try the goods without giving out their credit card number. The free content should give people interested in becoming a member an authentic experience of what it would be like. Code school, in particular, offers people who aren't sure if it's worth it to sign up a complete experience. Always do what you speak you're moving to do.

Give them the chance to connect with other members in a way that they can enjoy

Through your membership program, you should give them valuable resources and tools that they can use to understand and then transfer with the world. You can't give other people who are going through the same thing as you their point of view. One of the best ideas for a membership site is to build a group of people excited about the area and talk freely.

Example: is a place for outstanding marketers at what they do. Members can connect and talk to each other one-on-one. There's more to this than your power feel. Members don't just talk about ideas and words. They get to meet real people who have real lives and real problems, and they can help each other. It doesn't matter if you do person-to-person networking in a Facebook group or membership site. Your members will be able to meet other people who share their interests.

Give them a chance to back out

In the beginning, it can be hard enough to build a list of people who want to pay for your membership course. How does giving them a chance to opt out? If you're going to make a community of people who love your product, you might want to use the famous 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your members trust and believe you, it reduces the risk of investing money. Then why would anyone give away something for free unless they were sure that it would make their money? That being said, it's essential to make sure that your members get the results they want in the first 30 days. Think about what you might want to talk about in the first 30 days to help your members get a good start.

Make it a fun experience by having interactive learning parts

You've made a great video tutorial, but there's still a lot more you can do. You can download PDFs, read ebooks, and more. Give your partners a case to obtain to know each other and naturally learn the skill. Some people know by listening, while others learn by seeing. You don't know how much you know until you have to do it.

That's why AccessAlly Pro was made: to help people keep learning and reach new heights. But even though I believe this gamification Plugin is rather excellent, I'm not the first person to think of it either.

Let's go back to Code school:

You can get points for taking on challenges in Code School

Show Them How They're Making Progress

There is more to it than that. Don't just put many videos on a page and call it done. Add a checklist or a progress bar to the course or membership site so that people can see how far they've come.

Example: AccessAlly

We like to have a simple sidebar with many different resources and a checklist in our membership area in each section. As long as they come back, there's no need to worry about where they'll be. It's ready to be taken from where they left it. Never undervalue the value of giving your members a personalized experience. You can do this with a WordPress plugin like AccessAlly Pro to set up a membership site.

Supply Assistance to Partners in Times of Need

The best membership program should give general information about the industry and help specific to you. There is a good chance that most people will need a little help connecting what they learned from the lessons to their situations. Many of these excellent membership site ideas have resources that help members get in touch with a natural person who can help them. There are many ways to ensure that you can be there for your members when they need it the most. These include live chat, a phone number, and even a webinar.

Example: Skillcrush

There is a friendly pop-up that moves around in the bottom right-hand corner of Skillcrush to remind you, "Hey, you can talk with a real person!" This is a fun way to show off Skillcrush's ability to connect people who want to learn more about a subject with someone who can help them.

Give the Graduates Something That Will Make Them Stronger

Some membership programs may be set up to help people learn online. When you finish that class, you become a graduate. It's not the people who have just graduated that are the most important to you, though. Those who could connect with your program found it valuable enough to stay with it to the end.

What can you do if you can help them find the next job? Depending on what you need them to be, they could be a private group, a new eBook, a checklist, or even a list of resources from sources other than your own business. Then, they might also include an offer or a link to sign up for a completely different thing.

Example: Clinton Anderson's Clinician Academy

If you're a member, this is an excellent example of what you can expect. After they finish this program, Clinton Anderson gives them the chance to meet people who have great jobs. He not only provides them with the instruments and skills they need to succeed, but he also connects them with the jobs they need to get their names out there.

An Online Membership Business On WordPress: How To Start One

People can make a lot of money with membership businesses done online. You make money from the same people over and over again, as long as they keep paying for your service. There is an excess of websites that charge you to use them, like Copyblogger and Today, I'm going to talk about why the online membership format is a good business model for WordPress site owners, and then I'll show you how to get your own up and running in a matter of days.

How Do You Make a Good membership Site?

One of the most important things, when you have a good membership site is that it's two tiers. If you want to make money, you give away some of the content for free and membership for the rest. This could be articles, videos, or anything else. It offers people a concept of what you do and makes them want to buy a subscription.

Customers who pay for subscription sites get high-quality, exclusive content that makes them feel like they got a good deal. This makes them feel like the money they paid was worth it. According to DIY Themes, it's all about trading knowledge for money. They show how you can do a membership business out of just about any skill you have.

Among other things, a chef could make videos about how to make food and recipes. A home improvement expert could make video and written tutorials about fixing things around the house and doing remodeling projects. You could even set up a subscription-based stock photography site, though. You get the gist.

When you have a lot of knowledge and present it well, you get content worth paying for. That's all it comes down to Making content that people will pay for. When you don't have that important thing, you can give up on your dream of running an online membership business right now. There are multiple methods to set up a site quickly and easily if you think you can do it.

Membership Site Solutions for WordPress

With this in mind, I've put together a list of subscription and membership site plugins and services that can help you turn your WordPress site into a full-fledged membership business. Remember that no matter what you choose, you'll need to use a plugin or an outside tool that can show you some data. It's essential to track things like traffic and sales as you set up your business.

Become a membership of WPMU DEV

The Membership plugin by WPMU DEV is potent right out of the box. It can be utilized for different business models, including article-based content, videos, forums, software downloads, support, and more. According to the plugin's description in the plugin directory, it will be straightforward to make a site like GigaOm or PSD Tuts with this plugin.

There are two types of this plugin. Membership lite is good for only one site that needs a membership paywall, but not for many. You can have two different levels of membership. There are also a lot of ways to make things your own.

The Membership Pro version is better for people who need more experience from their membership site. You can set up rules for BuddyPress and the Admin if you want. You can also add as many different membership and subscription levels as you wish.

Paid memberships are better than free ones

Another option you might want to think about is Paid Memberships Pro. It's not as powerful as some of the other plugins out there, but it does the job, and it's free if you don't need help setting it up or getting help with it. A subscription for e-learning, coaching, and consulting is ideal for this. 

There are many ways you can set up memberships, including giving people a chance to try it out. You can use an excess of payment gateways, and Paid Memberships Pro can be made to work with any theme. Another thing that I want is that you can export a list of your members and set up discount codes for them to use. 

People who use your site can also change their billing information or cancel their subscriptions right there. This is very convenient. It can work with other tools, like MailChimp and Infusionsoft. You can get a PMPro Membership for $97, which gives you access to developer support and the member forums for a year. The essential plugin is free.

Become a member of the Wishlist

Also, you might want to check out WishList Member, which promises to make any WordPress site into a full-fledged membership site. Once the plugin is established, you can begin setting up your membership site, which will keep your subscribed-based content safe. It has a lot of options for both single and multiple-site installations.

Add as many membership levels as you want, and it can be used with a WordPress site that already has a lot of people on it. Or, you can start from scratch with it. The site allows you to select from a variety of free membership options or for a short time. You can also easily manage your subscribers. You can also change the memberships of your members, stop them, or get rid of them.

The other essential features are sequential content delivery, control of what you see, shopping cart and payment integration, and multi-level access. WishList Member, on the other hand, will cost you a fee each year. Those who have single sites will pay $97, and those who have many places will pay $297. It's not cheap, but it might be worth it for your business model.


You can turn your primary WordPress site into a membership site with MemberPress, a powerful software and plugin combo. It only brings a few minutes to place up after you download it. MemberPress is easy to use, and that's a big plus around here. 

If you read the plugin's description, there isn't any page flow setup, and you won't have to copy and paste a tonne of information. The only thing you'll have to do on your own is entered API keys and the Webhook URL. That's all. I also like that the payment gateway stays the same. 

For you, as the site owner, what does this mean? It means that you don't have to manually unsubscribe or stop someone from being a membership because they didn't pay for one month. All of this is accomplished automatically for you. 

Then you can add Membership Products, make rules to keep people from seeing certain parts of your site, add a product registration page, and more. There are two plans for this plugin, so you can choose which one you want. In the Business plan, you can only use it on one site. It costs $99 a year. A year's worth of the Developer plan costs $199. You can utilize it on as multiple sites as you like.

5 Things You Need To Do To Start A Membership Website Business

When you start a business that charges people to join, there are many things to think about. We've divided what we believe are the most important into five various groups.

Establishing a membership website business: Step 1 — Define a compelling reason for membership

To start a membership business, you first need to figure out your primary goal, goal, or theme. This will make people want to join your membership. A paid membership for young professionals moving to a new city and making new friends could teach them how to begin a small business, write a book, or meet people in the town. 

The reason for your membership site will be the glue that holds your members together. The point is that the membership will do something for them that they can't do independently.

Step #2: Find your ideal customer

In the same way that knowing your goal is essential, also know who you're trying to get to join your membership. Your ideal member is somebody who will be multiple excited and interested in what your membership site has to offer. You might think that you want everyone to be a possible member.

That's wonderful! It is essential that everyone who wants to be a member of your site feels welcome. There's no requirement to try to delight everyone. As soon as you have a specific type of person in mind and know what they want, you can tailor your membership site to make sure they're set up for success.

Create a membership website company: Step #3 – Choose an all-in-one platform with everything you need to start

The first thing you'll have to do when starting a membership-based business is building a website. Creating features for all the great content and services you'll be able to give your members isn't easy. When this was done in the past, it took a long time and cost a lot of money.

This is because all-in-one software platforms make it easy to build a website, start an online community, and start a membership site simultaneously! These software platforms have built powerful tools that you can use to build a website, make online courses, set up online communities, and, of course, set up a paid membership site.

The following are some all-in-one platforms that might be interesting to you

Kajabi: This is a good choice if you're primarily concerned about marketing and selling to people. Marketing tools are not enough to make up for the poor community features. You need to pick a platform with many tools for you to use to build a strong community.

Mighty Networks: If you want to sell memberships and build a strong community, then Mighty Networks is the right place for you. Robust Networks open up a new era for people who live alone to work together to do something exciting or important. When you sign up for a Mighty Network, you get a powerful website builder, powerful community-building tools, online course tools, native live streaming, and paid memberships. 

The best part is that these can be found on the web, iOS, and Android. A good thing about WordPress is that you can make changes to it. But only if you have the skills or money to do so. As a rule, you'll have to pay someone else to make the website for you or buy a ready-made website to run your membership business.

Make sure that the platform is easy to use on the web, on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Mighty Networks offers you all of the elements above, and even more, as well as a lot of other things. That means you can make not only a great membership website but also build a strong community.

How to establish a membership website business: Step #4 — Develop a revenue strategy

Another thing you need to know about how to start a membership website business is how to make money from it or how to make money. When you create a membership site, you're giving your members a way to get to where they want to be. 

Because this is important and not easy to get, you should charge for your work. There isn't an easy way to figure out how much your membership site will cost. That's up to you. There are two things to think about when you decide what's best for your project.

Keep it straightforward

Starting a membership-based business is a question that many people who want to know how to do it will have. You could charge a flat rate for what you do. This is an excellent way to go. The same content is being given to everyone for the same price, but as you can imagine, there isn't as much room for change.

Try tiered pricing

Another thing you can try after you get your feet wet is making different paid membership tiers. You might think this is too complicated but think about it this way. Your members won't all have the exact needs, wants, and dreams. While they all have a common goal, some want to go even further or get more help.

If you want to add more levels for members to choose from, this is an excellent time to think about it. That way, you don't charge people for features that they don't use. And you're giving members more control over how much they invest.

When you choose a price, it's easier to go down than up, no matter how much you pay. You can still begin with a high price and lower it after seeing how it works. Many people don't say enough about how much they're worth. If you have to reduce the cost, no one cares about paying less for something they love.

How to establish a membership website business: Step #5 – Announce your existence to the world

This is the fun part. Tell people about the great things you are doing. Some people don't like telling the world about the things they make. It's worth it, though, because you don't have to spend money on advertising or use social media to promote your business. In the beginning, form with the people you understand. 

People are more likely to believe in what you're doing if they see how you're going about it. You might also get a lot of attention from them for being on their network, as well. You're connected to a lot more people than you think you are. People invested in your membership site will spread the word to their friends and enable more somebody to enter in on the fun, too.

Starting A Membership Business On The Internet: Identifying Significant Problems, Dealing With Them, And Dealing With Them

To sell information rather than services, you should set up a membership website on the web. These days, many people make money from online membership sites. Because it is so helpful, it also has a lot of advantages. The following are some reasons why having an online membership site is a good idea:

  • An online membership site always grows more quickly than a service-based website.

  • You don't have to expend excess cash on adding new people to your website.

  • Online membership websites make a lot of money. Will take your business to new heights.

  • People who sign up for a membership site also make a lot of money. Here, you will figure out how well your business has done and how quickly it has grown.

In the world of online membership websites, there aren't any challenges. There are also a lot of risks. So, now we know why many online membership sites don't work:

  • They test to do too much in a quick time.

  • Lack of proper sales and marketing strategies and a lack of money.

  • They can't keep their members for long periods.

At the end of this article, we'll talk about the different steps that go into making a membership website, as well as the challenges that you might run into while running your website.

Stage 1: Making your membership website bigger

In the beginning, when you think about starting an online membership website, there are a lot of questions that come up. These include how to make your membership site look, how to set up signup forms and how to get your first customers. When you start making your membership website, this is the first step. In this stage, you don't know what will work for your website and what people want from you. 

It can be hard to start your website, design sales pages, and make a signup form when you begin this stage. This stage also gives you a lot of chances. When you have more time, you will come up with new and exciting ideas for your members. People who run membership sites often make this mistake at this point: They try to give their customers too many things too soon. If you can, try to avoid this as much as you can. New items are learned in Stage 1.

A few ideas for you:

  • You could start by taking a small online class to see if your ideas work or not.

  • You may sell your content through different things that happen in your daily life.

  • To make your users happy, give them free things.

  • Record interactive webinars for your members to watch later and learn more about your company.

Stage 2: Making more money

Next, you think about how to make more money on your site after you've made your site. Stage 2 is all about sales and chances. One problem you might have at this point is that you don't have enough people to run your business.

The most important thing is finding leads and turning them into people who might become customers. Stage 2 also gives you a chance to build up sales momentum and bring more customers to your site. A good membership site doesn't sell its services to customers one at a time. Instead, their services are easy to use, and customers come to them.

A few ideas for you:

  • Try to think about your sales strategies.

  • Make sure you focus on your current customers to get new customers, like

  • Try to use membership opportunities as a way to sell more.

Stage 3: Scaling your website

Next, you need to grow your website to make more money. This is the most crucial part of running a good membership website. While you are trying to make more money, you might lose a lot of customers. An important goal is to make your customers' experience better to stay with you longer. This stage also has a lot of ways for you to give your members a smooth experience on your site. It would benefit if you thought about making your website better instead of making it worse.

A few ideas for you:

  • Try to add game elements to your website to make it more fun.

  • To make it easier for your users to get set up, make the process of getting started easier.

  • Create an online community where people can talk to each other.

Stage 4: Keeping your website up to date

As soon as you have a membership website that works well, it would help to keep it going by keeping your customers and facing new challenges. When running your website, sometimes you might think that your sales are going down and your customers aren't curious about what you own to offer. Not at all! This can't be true!

The most helpful way to support people coming back to your membership site is to develop new unique ideas. One of the most complex challenges is creating new products and selling them to your customers. In this step, you will know how to develop new product ideas that will help your customers have a longer life. You can also have someone else write for you.

A few ideas for you:

  • Try to add new things from time to time.

  • Always look for ways to upsell.

  • The best content for your users should be on your site.


There you have it. As hard as it is to make and run a membership website, it's also a lot of fun. However, if you use the right marketing strategies, you won't have to work very hard to get to where you enjoy going exceptionally quickly.