How To Wholesalers Can Transition To Retail


Wholesalers can easily transition to retail once they internalize the needs of consumers. 

Experienced wholesalers understand that their customers need to be able to make money by selling their products.

On the other hand, consumers need to be able to personally benefit from the products that they buy.

If wholesalers want to sell their products on a retail basis, they can:

1. Offer their products through Amazon's FBA program. 

2. Create eBay listings for single, or small quantity, lots. 

3. Set up a retail website. 

4. Open their warehouses to the public. 

5. Repack their products into quantity lots that are suitable for consumers. 

6. Rent a spot at a flea market to sell their products. 

7. Adjust their prices to reflect the retail landscape. If a wholesaler's prices are too low, people will assume that there is a quality issue with the merchandise. 

8. Explain the uses and benefits of their products. Consumers might not have the familiarity with their products, as compared to the familiarity that retailers have.