How to Use


You can upload unsold lots or individual items after a sale. You can set a minimum and maximum bid for each item, and you can remove individual items from your listings once they've sold. You can also set the minimum bid and automatically accept bids, and amend item details. There are many ways to use, from finding a great deal to finding a bargain. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the auction house's services.

Bids submitted by you are subject to the Auction House Terms

In order to participate in an auction, you must agree to the terms and conditions stated on the website. You should read these terms carefully. If there is a conflict between them, you should consult the Auctioneer's Additional Terms and Conditions. If they are not listed in the Terms and Conditions, you should not bid on the auction. You will lose your bidding privileges if you violate them.

Always read the auction listing thoroughly before you place a bid. You must agree to the payment terms, buyers fees, and removal deadlines. Practice items are offered for new bidders to get a feel for the auction process. Practice items are of no value and are reset at the end of the auction. By placing a bid on any item, you agree to all the terms of that auction.

You must place a maximum bid

When bidding on a website, it is imperative that you set a maximum bid to ensure that you remain the highest bidder regardless of how many people are bidding on the same item. Setting a maximum bid also ensures that you will be the highest bidder at the lowest qualifying bid. Bid increments allow you to adjust your maximum bid in case another bidder has outbid you.

To make sure your bid is placed in the highest possible price, you should first make sure the bidder has a high enough Positive Feedback. By winning a bid, you will receive a star next to their name. Once you have reached this level, you should place a maximum bid on Once you have reached this level, you can move on to the next step in the bidding process.

Once you have set your maximum bid, you can enter the item's description. Ensure that your email address is valid. You must also include your contact information so that the auction site can get in touch with you in case of any issues. The auction ends at the time you set your maximum bid. When you place a bid, you must follow the rules and regulations of

You must provide complete and accurate information at the time of registering your account

When registering for an account, you are required to provide accurate and complete information. This information includes: name, email address, credit card information, mailing address, and telephone number. Incorrect information may result in a material breach of the Terms and Conditions and may result in liabilities and remedies. By registering for an account, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions of the auctions.

You may cancel your Purchase Agreement

The only time you may cancel your Purchase Agreement on LastBidding is before you have actually received the product or won an auction. If you win the auction, you may be able to put down up to 10 percent of the purchase price along with the bid and the rest within 24 hours. Otherwise, you may lose any amount already paid for the product. You must also follow the eBay cancellation policy. If you are not satisfied with the results, you may request a refund.

Your statutory rights

You can protect yourself by knowing your statutory rights on eBay. If you are buying something on eBay, you can use your statutory rights to get your money back. You can exercise these rights through the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or the Consumer Contracts Regulations. The first two laws are crucial for protecting yourself from scams, but there are certain scenarios in which you may have less legal protection. For example, if you have purchased an item that was not as described, you can request a refund or cancel the purchase.