How To Use Facebook To Sell Handbags


Facebook can be an ideal platform to sell handbags. 

Facebook, the undisputed number one social media website, has more than 2.6 billion members. 

Now while a market of 2.6 billion people can seem super lucrative, and it is lucrative, the challenge in standing out and attracting attention on Facebook is tremendous. 

Because there is so much content being published on Facebook, iit can be very difficult for any retailer or wholesaler to be noticed.

Chances are that you already have a list of friends on Facebook. You can start out by offering your bags and pocketbooks to your friends. By using this method you can start selling immediately. 

Below are some of my favorite tips for using the social media website to sell handbags. 

  1. Publish posts featuring a detailed description along with various pictures of the handbags. 

  2. Take a video of the handbags and post it on your wall. 

  3. Join Facebook groups that focus on handbags. Once you have joined these groups, you can then post in the groups your photos and videos of your handbags. 

  4. Advertise your handbags with Facebook's ad platform. 

  5. Start your own Facebook group and page, invite people to join the group and page, and then use the group and page to share information on the bags that you are selling. 

Remember, always make sure that everything that you are selling is authentic and original. 

Selling only authentic and original products is the right thing, from both a legal and ethical perspective. 

The best part about utilizing Facebook to sell merchandise is that with a minimal budget you can potentially reach and develop a large customer base.

One last tip, if you have your own website, you should mention the site's address in your posts.

If you mention your website on your Facebook page, group, and wall, people will visit your website and you will potentially be able to sell more of your wholesale products.

Let me know how it goes!